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Chapter 2070: Investigate

“No need to bet.

It definitely is.”

This is also the netizen not believing that Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingwei have any more reason to still be with each other.

Which man who looks for a mistress would go and find an old one

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingwei were not lovebirds or anything.

Its Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai.

That kind of first love couple reuniting was whats really considered true love, okay

Really, no one would believe Xia Qingyangs words if she said them.

“Back then, B*stard Lu abandoned his wife for Xia Qingyang.

I wonder if he will also abandon Xia Qingyang for his mistress now.”

“So exciting and thrilling, 2333[1].

When Xia Qingyang gets divorced, her life will not get any better than Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei has Lu Man who is filial to her, and with such a good son-in-law like Han Zhuoli, and a super husband like Wang Juhuai, how happy will her life be And what will Xia Qingyang get after shes divorced”

“Pin her hopes on Lu Qi Seeing Xia Qingyang being dragged away, Lu Qi just hid amid the crowd and did not dare to show her face.

Can she still rely on her Lu Qi is together with He Zhengbai, but He Zhengbai is a b*stard too! He had been snatched away by Lu Qi as a mistress.

Hes probably a Lu Qiyuan No.


Having no son-in-law would be better than having this son-in-law.

Who knows when he would get schemed against And as for a first love, 2333, Xia Qingyang cant find one either.”

“The person above reminded me.

Let us guess.

If He Zhengbai schemes against the Lu family, will Lu Qi help He Zhengbai and scheme together with him”

“I bet yes.

And after they are done scheming together, Lu Qi will then be schemed against by He Zhengbai.”

“Screenshotting to save this.

Waiting for the big reveal to come!”

The netizens were discussing this passionately, and it was extremely lively.

And after Xia Qingyang got chased out of Sheng Yue, there were so many people on the streets.

How could she still have any face left to see anyone

She covered her face and quickly got into the car.

As her mind was filled with what Han Zhuoli said about Lu Qiyuan having another home outside, she did not bother to think about why Lu Qi did not help her, why she wore a mask herself to cover her face and hid far, far away, leaving her the only one outside to embarrass herself.

But just because Xia Qingyang was no longer in the mood to care now, it did not mean that she would not react to it later on.

But now, Xia Qingyangs mind was filled with the words that Han Zhuoli said.

Xia Qingyang shook from anger and her hands that were holding on to the steering wheel were also shaking.


Didnt Lu Qiyuan set up another small home outside

He secretly bought another villa and even put a woman in there.

He actually just decided not to go home anymore!

If not because she might cause a ruckus, Lu Qiyuan might not even come home once a week!

And she had really guessed correctly previously.

Lu Qiyuan indeed had someone outside!

A young and pretty white lotus[2], was it

Hearing Han Zhuolis description, wasnt it the exact same trick she used when she was young

Back then, she used this trick to snatch Lu Qiyuan away.

Now, there was actually someone else who used the same trick, wanting to snatch him away from her.

Indeed, saying it out loud sounds so much like mockery.

Seeing Xia Qingyang in such a state, Lu Qi was worried and said, “Mom, why dont I drive”

“Okay.” Xia Qingyang did not object and just got off the car to change seats with Lu Qi.

Lu Qi drove the car back home and would occasionally glance to take note of Xia Qingyangs reaction.

Xia Qingyangs face remained pale in anger with her teeth clenched.

She did not know when she would explode.

Suddenly, when Lu Qi turned to look at her, Xia Qingyang finally moved.

She took out her phone and dialed a number.

After hanging up, she said, “Lets not go home first.”

Xia Qingyang gave Lu Qi an address.

“You are going to hire a private investigator to investigate Dad” Lu Qi asked.

[1] Chinese slang similar to LOL

[2] Pretentiously promiscuous woman

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