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Chapter 2043: Where the Hell Did This Idiot Come from

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Qin Zigou stared coldly at the employees from other companies who were standing outside to watch the drama.

“Including all the companies in this office building.

As long as I am unwilling, they all have to get the hell out of here!

“Your husband paid for this” Qin Zigou scoffed.

“How much of a big shot is your husband for him to dare to use Master Qins properties—my properties—to brag pretentiously What did he pay for Can he even pay for this!”

The middle-aged woman panicked.

She stuck her neck out forcibly and said, “Its yours just because you say so”

“And is your husband the one who paid for this just because you said so” Qin Zigou scoffed mockingly.

“Call the property development companys boss over! Ask him, to whom does this building belong! Where the hell did this idiot come from, coming here to pretend to be the boss in front of me!”

Even without Qin Zigou saying that, the property development boss had already come over when he learned that someone was making a scene here.

At this moment, he finally squeezed his way out from the thick crowd, jostling so much that one of the buttons on his suit came undone.


Qin!” The property development boss quickly came over.

Speaking of that, Qin Zigou was actually his boss.

This building was Qin Zigous.

Which property development company to find, which security company to engage, that was all decided by him.

Not just the property development boss, the boss of the security company also came over.



Qin Zigou pointed to that middle-aged woman and said, “What kind of ridiculous thing you guys let in.

I left you guys in charge of this building, and this is how you ran it for me If you cant handle it, get the hell out of here, ASAP!”

Being scolded by him like this, both bosses of the property development and security companies did not dare to make a sound.


Qin, I will thoroughly investigate this matter when I get back! I will see whos the one who let her in! I definitely wont let such things happen again.

Please give us another chance!” the boss of the security company said.

“After this issue is settled, Ill slowly settle scores with you,” Qin Zigou said.

Afterward, he gestured towards the boss of the property development company with his finger and said, “You tell her, to whom does this building belong!”

The property development boss quickly told that middle-aged woman, as well as the crowd watching the drama outside, “I am the boss of the property development company that manages this building.

This building indeed belongs to Mr.


Everyone in the crowd watching from outside instantly exclaimed in shock.

The place where they worked every day was that persons property.

“Then… then I remembered wrongly!” the middle-aged woman said.

“But Shi Xiaoya still lives off of men!

“Fine if your property is yours, but why would you let Shi Xiaoya use it for free Hah!” The middle-aged woman laughed mockingly.

“Shi Xiaoya, youre really something, huh! You just love using your body to exchange for these things!”

“Shut your pig mouth up! She and I are childhood friends! Our families are old friends! You go outside and ask around whether or not Shi Xiaoya and I had been collaborating with each other right from the start.

When the two of us decided to be partners and open our own work studio, I had a ready and suitable place on hand, so I took it out for use.

Could Shi Xiaoya lack this bit of money for rent Idiot!” Qin Zigou scolded her without giving her face at all.

The crowd outside was puzzled.

“If Cris owns this building, its clear that his family is not an average family.

If she is childhood friends with him, and their families are old friends, could Shi Xiaoyas family also not be an average family”

Shi Xiaoya continued to say, “The apartment that I stay in is a gift from my older brother.

The properties there, you wont be able to afford.”

“Pei1! Your older brother gave it to you just because you said so How expensive is that apartment for us not to be able to afford it” the middle-aged woman spat.

“Given how the earrings you are wearing now are not made of real jade but of chalcedony, which can be bought for a hundred bucks from the jade accessories wholesale market…”

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