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Chapter 2042: A Slap in the Face

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Where did she get so much money to set up her own office

“What other things did I spend yourhusbands money on Say it all out.

We can slowly calculate that.” Shi Xiaoya scoffed.

The middle-aged woman had suspicions that Shi Xiaoya might be up to something when she admitted it so quickly.

But she had no brains to begin with.

These words had been taught to her by someone else.

So, she could not think of anything else and could only follow Shi Xiaoyas words to say, “You spent a whole damn lot! The apartment you are staying in was also bought by my husband for you! Your many luxury items were also bought with my husbands money! Even if you are with Han Zhuoling now, youre still not satisfied and never broke it off cleanly with my husband, just so you can still milk money off of him!”

Shi Xiaoya had journeyed thus far in her career and met many competitors; hence, she had offended quite a few people as well.

In a moment, she really could not think of who the mastermind behind this woman was.

Because there were quite a few suspects.

But no matter who it was, the mastermind was a little clever.

The mastermind knew to let this middle-aged woman only mention these big things that normal people could not afford to buy.

She knew that outsiders had been guessing how exactly she was able to afford all these things at such a young age.

The things that the middle-aged woman pointed out were precisely the things that the onlookers had suspicions about.

So as long as she pointed them out, there would naturally be people whod make a connection based on her claims, without this middle-aged woman bringing out any evidence.

Anyway, so what if she took out the lease contract, property deed, and various documents to prove that she was the owner

This middle-aged woman could very well say that it was her “husband” whod bought it under Shi Xiaoyas name.

But Shi Xiaoya was not anxious at all.

She heard the discussions outside that said, “Hearing it, it sounds quite true.”

“Well, shes so young.

Unless shes a rich second-generation heir, how could she be able to afford these things But Ive never heard that Shi Xiaoya was some rich second-generation heir.

If she was, the news would have spread long ago.”

“But Shi Xiaoya appears very calm and she doesnt look like shes panicking at all.”

“Shes probably putting on a strong front”

“Who knows Lets see what Shi Xiaoya says.”

“Anything else You can say it all at once,” Shi Xiaoya said very calmly, not at all affected by those discussions.

“Are these not enough” the middle-aged woman shrieked in a piercing voice.

She turned to the crowd that was blocking the entrance and shouted loudly, “Look, just look! Shes admitting it now! Shes admitting it all!”

“Shi Xiaoya, you shameless sl*t!” the middle-aged woman spat.

“I just want to let everyone see your true colors and let that current boyfriend of yours, Han Zhuoling, know too that youre just a sl*t! Let me tell you, you ruined my family, so I wont let you have a good life either! I want to let everyone know that youre just a cheap sl*t! You can stop dreaming of marrying a good, rich, tall, and handsome man in your lifetime.

For every man you find, I will go and tell him these things!”

“If youre already done talking, then let me talk now,” Shi Xiaoya said calmly.

“Regarding this work studio, I really did not pay a single cent for it,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“And no one invested money in me either.”

The middle-aged woman instantly seized the chance and said, “You all heard it, right! I wasnt wrong!”

“You are,” Qin Zigou said lazily.

“Because this work studio is a property under my name to begin with.

“Wait, no.

To put it more accurately, this whole office building, all of it belongs to me.

I can choose whichever space I want to be my work studio.”

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