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Chapter 2038: Misunderstanding

“YO!” one of the close sisters exclaimed in envy.

“Your neighbor is way too blessed! Besides the fact that their son and daughter are competent, their daughter even managed to catch Han Zhuoling.

Even if they dont manage to get married, at least during the time they are dating, they will certainly stand to gain a lot of benefits.

Your neighbors family company is just going to get better and better!”


Zheng pursed and twitched her lips unhappily.

She could not even force a smile.

Since they knew that Han Zhuoling was coming today, those three sisters of hers did not leave anymore.

“Anyway, since we are already here, bring out the mahjong table and lets play a few rounds first,” one of the close sisters suggested.

“Right, right.

We can play a few rounds and wait for Han Zhuoling to come over.”


Zheng then reluctantly instructed people to prepare the table.

Before Mrs.

Zheng could say anything, her close sisters already went to instruct the helper auntie first.

“You keep a lookout at all times.

The moment Han Zhuoling appears, call us immediately!”


When Han Zhuoling was done with work, he immediately called Shi Xiaoya and learned that Shi Xiaoya was at the mall with Du Yiqin, picking a gift for Little Yijuns 100-day baby shower.

When he learned which mall they were at, he then rushed to drive over.

When Han Zhuoling arrived, Du Yiqin had just paid for the gift and was preparing to look for a place to wait for Han Zhuoling.

Yet the moment she turned, she saw Han Zhuoling walking towards them in big strides with his long legs.

The more Du Yiqin looked, the more pleased she felt.

There were so many people in the mall, and only Han Zhuoling was the most outstanding.

The moment he appeared, he looked especially eye-catching and made everyone pale in comparison.

Han Zhuoling walked over and greeted, “Mom.”

“Aye!” Du Yiqin quickly answered.

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that upon seeing each other after such a long time, Han Zhuoling actually would not feel awkward or distant at all.

He called her “Mom” so naturally.

“You drove here, right” Du Yiqin asked him.

“Yes.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Then you drive Xiaoya home, Ill take the car that we came in,” Du Yiqin said.

“Sure.” Of course Han Zhuoling was very happy.

They did not have anything else they needed to buy, so they headed back home right then.

When the helper auntie in Mrs.

Zhengs house saw Han Zhuolings car driving over, she quickly told Mrs.

Zheng and the others, “They are here!”

Hence, Mrs.

Zhengs close sisters all ditched the mahjong tiles they had on hand and ran over to the window.

This time, including Mrs.

Zheng, all saw very clearly.

It was Han Zhuoling!

“Its Han Zhuoling! Its really Han Zhuoling!”

“Go, go, go, lets go out and say hello!”


Zheng said unhappily, “If you want to go, you guys can go.

Anyway, Im not going.”

Shed said she did not believe it and even mocked them.

Now that Han Zhuoling really came, Mrs.

Zheng would not go out and embarrass herself like that.

If she did not go, it would not be good for those three close sisters of hers to go either.

Without Mrs.

Zheng to introduce them, it would be rude if they suddenly went up to them.

In the end, they could only give up on the idea resentfully.

Du Yiqin arrived a few minutes earlier.

She got off the car and waited for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya to arrive, then walked back to the house with them.

Du Yiqin threw a glance at the courtyard of the villa next door and said to Shi Xiaoya, “The neighbor next door might just be peering through the windows at us right now.”

“Whats going on” Han Zhuoling asked when he heard.

How could Du Yiqin feel good to let Han Zhuoling know about this

It was just some minor squabbles between aunties.

Saying it out loud would just turn her into a joke in front of Han Zhuoling, so she felt embarrassed to say it.

Han Zhuoling then turned to Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya did not hide anything from him.

If she had any thoughts in her heart, she would always let him know directly.

Lest the two of them play a guessing game.

Not only would it be troublesome, it would also easily cause misunderstandings.

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