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Chapter 2037: Turn into a Laughingstock

When she saw the name “Shi Xiaoya,” Mrs.

Zhengs eyes rounded.

Could it really be that Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend was really Han Zhuoling!


Zheng casually chose a relatively larger media outlet for entertainment news and clicked it.

In it, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas photo was shockingly displayed.

There was even a screenshot of Han Zhuoling publicly announcing his relatinship.



Zheng had never watched it before.

But following what the news stated, she searched for the third episode and went to watch it.

She saw Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling together in the show and matched it with the news article.

She could not even lie to herself and others even if she wanted to.

Du Yiqin was not lying, nor was she bragging.

Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend really was Han Zhuoling!

So, the man she saw the previous time when she looked out of her window was indeed Han Zhuoling!


Zheng was so infuriated that she threw her tablet aside and could not even stomach her lunch.

What kind of good fortune did the neighbor family attain in their past life Their son and daughter were not exactly very capable, but at least they would not make their family worry.

Actually, this was also Mrs.

Zheng being unwilling to admit the truth out of her own selfish concerns.

How capable must they be for them to be considered “very capable”

Shi Guanzhong basically did not need to care about anything now.

The company was being run by Shi Nancang, who was bringing the company up to new heights all the time.

He never mixed around with people who were a bad influence.

Even the friends hed made were decent and capable people.

Any news that involved people with messed-up private lives would definitely not involve Shi Nancang and his friends.

Their daughter was one of the most outstanding makeup artists in the industry, and Mrs.

Zheng heard that she even wanted to start her own brand of makeup products.

In the future, Shi Xiaoya would not just simply own a work studio, she even wanted to start her own company.

Was this not considered successful

And now, she even brought back Han Zhuoling as a prospective son-in-law.

It was as if she hacked through life!

The moment Mrs.

Zheng thought of her troubles, she felt that she could not compare to her neighbor.

Comparing would make her vomit blood.

At this moment, the doorbell to her house rang again.

The helper auntie at home went to open the door and three people ended up coming in.

It was the three close sisters she had agreed to play mahjong with.

She ditched them at the last minute today, and when those three people learned of the reason she gave a pass on them, they came over together to look for her.

But Mrs.

Zheng agreed to let them come at first because she was super sure that Du Yiqin was bragging overtly.

She had asked the close sisters to come and watch her neighbor turn into a laughingstock.

Yet now, she was the one who had actually turned into the laughingstock.

But she did not expect they would actually come so soon.

“Why did you guys come over so quickly” Mrs.

Zheng said.

“Its not quick, its almost been two hours already,” one of the close sisters said.

When Mrs.

Zheng checked the time, she realized it was true.

She was watching Survivor just now so she forgot the time as well.

“We came to see whether your neighbors daughters boyfriend is really Han Zhuoling or not,” one of them said.

When Mrs.

Zheng heard that, she did not want to answer that question and pursed her lips tightly.

She looked upwards aimlessly and did not want to make eye contact with anyone.

“Whats going on Why are you acting like this” another person asked.


Zheng then reluctantly twitched her lips and said, “It is Han Zhuoling.”

“What… What do you mean” the close sisters asked.

“I searched online just now.

They said that Han Zhuolings girlfriend is called Shi Xiaoya,” Mrs.

Zheng said.

“Right, right.” One close sister nodded fervently.

“Thats her, thats her name.

I couldnt recall it previously, but the moment you said it, I remembered it.”

“I read the news.” When Mrs.

Zheng was speaking, she was twitching her lips awkwardly, which was really such a sight to watch.

“There are photos in it too.”

She rubbed her chin and said, “It is my neighbors daughter.”

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