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Chapter 2033: Hated That She Could Not Just Lean on Other Peoples Windows All Day

Wang Juhuai was also worried that they would not be able to control themselves from wanting to establish ties with the Han Family members.

It would be good if they just wanted to make friends normally, but he was afraid that their motives would be too obvious, which would make other people dislike them.

So, he might as well not invite them.

And previously, Han Zhuoli had also used his connections to prevent their visa applications from being approved.

If he were to ask them to come over now, it would just add unnecessary trouble.

But similarly, Wang Juhuai also did not need to worry about Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing counting the days themselves to remember Wang Yijuns 100th day and come without an invitation.

Anyway, they could not come even if they wanted to.

Hence, Wang Juhuai invited the Han Family, as well as the Shi family.

As they were the prospective in-laws of the Han Family, they would all be one big family in the future, so he wanted to use this chance for them to gather together more.

Hence, when Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin received Wang Juhuais invitation card, they both felt a little overwhelmed by the favor.

They did not expect that Wang Juhuai would also invite them.

They had no connections with Wang Juhuai at all.

For Wang Juhuai to invite them, wasnt it all because of their relationship with the Han Family

“Looks like the Han Family really treats us as family, so Mr.

Wang also treats us like kin,” Du Yiqin said to Shi Xiaoya with a smile.

Shi Xiaoya did not doubt her future with Han Zhuoling at all now.

She was no longer like how she had been at the start, feeling that the two of them might break up.

Even if that possibility was very low, that possibility still existed.

But now, she would not even think about such a possibility.

It was Han Zhuoling who gave her enough confidence to believe in their future together.

They will definitely get married.

Without waiting for Shi Xiaoya to say anything, Du Yiqin suggested, “Come, accompany me to the mall and well buy a set of gold baby locks and bracelets.”

Babies usually could not wear all these items, but they were well-meaning gifts, so having more of them was not an issue.

“When is Zhuoling coming over today” Shi Guanzhong asked.

He had long brought out and prepared the alcohol.

Since the first time Han Zhuoling came to visit, the pair had never come again.

Either Shi Xiaoya was working outside or Han Zhuoling was on a business trip.

It was a little difficult for the two of them to be together on the weekends.

When they could finally have a chance to spend a weekend together, the two of them would use the chance to spend some couple time together.

Hence, this was only Han Zhuolings second time coming over to visit.

But although it was a Saturday today, Han Zhuoling still needed to go to the company to settle some work matters and work overtime for half a day.

He could only come in the afternoon.

So Du Yiqin wanted to bring Shi Xiaoya to the mall first to choose a present for little Yijun, and to ask Shi Xiaoya for her advice.

The moment the two of them stepped out, Mrs.

Zheng, the neighbor next door, came out dressed to the nines as if she was about to go out.

She first glanced at Du Yiqin and Shi Xiaoya and then took the initiative to greet them.


Shi, Xiaoya.”

Du Yiqin and Shi Xiaoya heard Mrs.

Zhengs greeting and turned over to look at her.

“Auntie Zheng,” Shi Xiaoya greeted.


Zheng was considered Du Yiqins peer in terms of age.

And indeed, she was only a few years younger than Du Yiqin.

So it was not wrong for Shi Xiaoya to call her Auntie.

But when Mrs.

Zheng heard this greeting, she felt a little displeased.

She was not that old, yet an adult like Shi Xiaoya was calling her Auntie.

Du Yiqin smiled and greeted her back, “Mrs.


“Are you both going out” Mrs.

Zheng asked as she smiled.

She was a person who simply loved gossip.

She wanted to ask around about anything and everything, and she hated that she could not just lean on other peoples windows all day and see what other peoples families were doing from morning until sundown.

“Yeah, were going out to buy some things,” Du Yiqin said, smiling as well.

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