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It could be that Lu Man successfully passed the interview only because she seduced her superior using her beauty.

Otherwise, even upon knowing that Lu Man had not graduated from university, would the Han Corporation still want her

At that moment, Lu Qiyuan remembered about the day Lu Man had gone for her interview, he had followed Lu Qi to the Public relations department to find Wu Lize and had said a lot of things about Lu Man.

Yet Wu Lize still did not believe him and insisted on hiring Lu Man.

Hence, Lu Qiyuan felt that Wu Lize had already been seduced by Lu Man.

So, I won\'t quit. Lu Man smiled slightly.

Furthermore, even if I really went to help Lu Qi, could you really believe me Aren\'t you scared that I won\'t help her and instead harm her even more Don\'t forget what I did.

Also, I\'m telling you now that I won\'t help Lu Qi ever.

Even if you come up with schemes to make me quit and force me to help her, could you really be at ease

Lu Qiyuan became silent, he had really neglected that point.

Then, Lu Man hung up the phone, and Lu Qiyuan\'s phone number was still in her blacklist.

When Lu Man returned to the office, she immediately went to knock Wu Lize\'s office door.

Ye Xiaoxing kept watching Lu Man.

When she had returned, seeing that Lu Man was nowhere to be seen, she was worried and scared that Lu Man had gone to tell on her.

Seeing Lu Man had returned, Ye Xiaoxing started getting anxious.

She kept thinking about who Lu Man had gone to find and what she was planning to do now that she was back.

She had yet to finish thinking when she saw Lu Man knocking on the door of Wu Lize\'s office.

Ye Xiaoxing heart rate increased again, did Lu Man really go to Wu Lize to tell on her

Enter, Wu Lize said.

Lu Man entered and closed the door, walking in front of Wu Lize\'s desk, Manager Wu.

Seeing that it was Lu Man, Wu Lize happily looked up.

Lu Man Sit, it just happens that I have something to tell you.

Lu Man thought that it was regarding the rumors in the company, but then she heard Wu Lize say, I went to the hospital on Saturday, I didn\'t think that you and Auntie would have already left the hospital, I was just 10 minutes late.

Lu Man was shocked.

You went to the hospital Why did you not tell me beforehand, to prevent going there for nothing.

Wu Lize said helplessly, I know, it\'s because of my mom that you keep distancing yourself from me.

Even if I had asked you about the time as I wanted to fetch Auntie from the hospital, you wouldn\'t have told me.

I just thought that I can just directly go over, so I left home very early, but on the way, I met a traffic accident that caused a traffic jam, because of which I arrived slightly late, but I really did not think that I would miss it like that.

I had originally wanted to give you a surprise.

Lu Man was really shocked but not at all happy.

Wu Lize going to fetch her mom out of the hospital

Lu Man started to think of something in her heart, but she did not dare to confirm.

At that time, when I went to ask the nurse about you, she said that you had already left with your boyfriend.

Do you already have a boyfriend Wu Lize had conflicted feelings, but it was obvious that Wu Lize hoped that Lu Man\'s answer would be a no.

Lu Man was stunned for a while.

Right now, if she really could not understand what really Wu Lize meant, then she was really blind.

She had always been a bit slow when it came to romance.

Otherwise, it would not have taken her two lifetimes to understand that the feelings she had for He Zhengbai were not romantic.

Thus, before this, she really could not tell that Wu Lize liked her.

It was just that she had thought that because of Auntie Chai\'s situation, Wu Lize had always felt apologetic to her, and so kept helping her, wanting to make it up to her.

Yet now that she knew, Lu Man could not keep leading Wu Lize on, Yes, I have a boyfriend already.

Wu Lize was stunned and tongue-tied.

Why… why have… why have I not heard you mention it before

It\'s not like I\'m some kind of public figure, wanting to go public immediately after I start dating. Lu Man smiled and said, But our relationship is very stable.


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