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Chapter 2029: Who Isnt a Baby

Han Zhuoling suddenly felt that he was really too old!

At this moment, he saw Shi Xiaoya suddenly sit on the railing, stretch out both hands to the sides like the wings of an airplane to maintain her balance, and then slide down.

But Shi Xiaoya had neither experience nor technique.

Except for that one time when she failed at it when she was young, this was really the first time she was playing like this.

She was scared too—scared that she would not be able to keep her balance well and fall down.

So she just slid down shakily and let out screams that might or might not be out of fear.

Han Zhuoling did not know whether Shi Xiaoya was scared or not, but anyway, his heart had already lept to his throat.

Having a cute little girlfriend meant that his heart rate had to keep up with her at every minute.

She might just scare this old boyfriend of hers to death.

Han Zhuoling did not even dare to look away from her.

He carefully watched, afraid that if he missed a moment, she would fall.

When she finally slid down in one piece, Han Zhuoling quickly caught her and said, “Youre already an adult, why do you still behave like a kid!”

Shi Xiaoya got defensive when she heard that and said, “Who isnt a baby at heart!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

So he brought a baby back with him

Shi Xiaoya laughed upon seeing that difficult expression on his face.

She stopped teasing him and gave him a kiss.

“I just suddenly thought of how I did this once when I was young.

Afterward, when I grew up and moved here, there was just one floor, so there was still no space for me to play.

Now that theres a staircase, I wanted to try it out.”

Han Zhuoling said helplessly, “Why dont I install a slide for you We have quite a lot of space here anyway, enough for one to be installed for you.”

Shi Xiaoya said in embarrassment, “Its not like Im really a kid.”

“Of course I know that.” Han Zhuolings throat suddenly became a little hoarse; even his gaze also became more and more intense.

Shi Xiaoyas heart seemed to skip a beat.

Her hands that were holding on to his shoulders also unconsciously tightened their grip.

She felt that his hands that were carrying her had also become scalding hot.

She was wearing jeans.

It was clearly a very thick material, but against Han Zhuolings palms, it felt so thin.

The heat from his palms seeped through the jeans, as if there was nothing in between, and it transferred onto her skin, making it feel burning hot.

Although she could not see it, Shi Xiaoya felt as if he might just burn a palm print on her skin.

Being carried by him like this made Shi Xiaoya feel so light and small, and so right in his arms.

Shi Xiaoya slightly shuddered in his arms.

Compared to Han Zhuoling, she seemed so small.

“When Im not around next time, you are not allowed to play like this.” Han Zhuoling threw her up slightly.

Shi Xiaoyas buttocks left Han Zhuolings palms for less than a second before landing back down on them.

Han Zhuoling caught her and pinched them.

“Aiya!” Shi Xiaoya exclaimed when he pinched her.

It was not painful.

Rather than a pinch, he might as well have caressed her.

His caress made Shi Xiaoyas face burn red and her heart beat faster.

“I only play around like this since youre around.

If youre not around, I definitely wont play like this.

Its dangerous,” Shi Xiaoya mumbled.

Han Zhuoling laughed from anger.

“So you know its dangerous too”

“So Im only playing while youre around.

I know you will protect me well,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I think youre just a child that hasnt grown up,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Could you not know whether Im still a child or not” Shi Xiaoya tilted her chin up slightly and narrowed her eyes slightly at him.

That proud look both amused and enraged him.

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