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Chapter 2028: This Little Girl, What Was She Thinking of Again

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At the dining table, Old Mrs.

Han saw Han Zhuoli sitting together with Lu Man, and Han Zhuoling sitting together with Shi Xiaoya.

Although the two of them were not about to get married, they clearly already had deep feelings for each other, so marriage was just a matter of time.

With the two of them sitting together right now, they already looked like husband and wife and were very compatible.

Old Mrs.

Han was all-smiles, feeling really elated deep down.

Even Han Zhuoli, whom she was most worried about, had been settled, and Han Zhuoling also had a good prospective marriage partner now.

While they were eating, Lu Man received a call.

After ending the call, she told Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, “The results have come out for Zheng Xuexins issue.

Liu Enxiao went to the hospital to have her injuries examined, and they are really quite serious.

With Big Brother paying notice to the hospital, they did some alterations to the examination report.

Zheng Xuexin has been sentenced to one year in jail.

If he wants to appeal and gets a lighter sentence, or if he performs well in prison, he can come out earlier.”

Or if he used some of his connections to obtain probation or something.

Lu Man was not familiar with this aspect and had already considered most of the rough scenarios.

“Anyway, even so, when he comes out, his acting career would be over as well.

And in this industry, real friends are pathetically few.

Most of them were connected by interests.

When the interests come, they will be friends.

If there are no interests at stake, who would care about friendships in the past” Lu Man chuckled and said, “So, his so-called friends in the past might not be able to help him.

“There are many people like him in the industry who end up in jail for all kinds of reasons and dont stay there for long, but none of them were able to continue with flying high after their release,” Lu Man said.

“So, hes done for.

“As for Liu Enxiao.” Lu Man smiled and said, “Big Brother had already told Zhuoli about it before.

Unless she went to be a makeup artist in another industry, she would not be able to continue working in this industry.”

Shi Xiaoya did not have any sympathy for Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao.

So this matter was considered to be over.

Auntie Liu and the others cleared the plates.

The three of them discussed and went to the nearby supermarket to fill up Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas fridge.

When everyone left, the space was finally left for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Its true that the two of them had already stayed together last night.

But at that time, the two floors had not been connected yet, so Shi Xiaoya did not feel as if she was staying in her own house.

It felt as if she just went to Han Zhuolings place temporarily.

Now, it really felt like the two of them were living together in the same home.

Shi Xiaoya walked up the stairs and then ran down again.

“How is it” Han Zhuoling smiled as he watched her behaving like a kid, running up and down without stopping at all.

“Its great.” Shi Xiaoya stood at the top of the stairs, holding on to the hand railing.

She suddenly recalled how she played with her older brother when she was young.

When she saw her older brother sliding down from the railing, she also learned the way Shi Nancang did it.

But she was very young then and could not keep her balance, so she fell down after sliding halfway.

Luckily, Shi Nancang had caught her in time, so she did not get hurt.

However, Shi Guanzhong still saw it and grabbed Shi Nancang up to give him a good beating.

It made Shi Nancang cry out badly.

As she had been scared then, she never dared to play like this afterward.

Now that she suddenly remembered this, Shi Xiaoya turned to look at Han Zhuoling, who was standing at the foot of the stairs.

When he saw the sudden look of cunning flashing in Shi Xiaoyas eyes, for some reason, Han Zhuoling instantly felt his scalp turn numb.

This little girl, what was she thinking of now

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