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Chapter 2027: Yours Is a Duplex

With this kind of liveliness, of course Shen Nuo would not want to miss it.

She agreed to it on the spot.

Since Shen Nuo had already agreed, Han Zhuoling could only tell Lin Liye and ask her to bring Zhuofeng along.

Then, they called the two elders.

When Old Mrs.

Han heard that Han Zhuoling had moved to the apartment above Shi Xiaoyas, she was elated and really wanted to go and take a look.

It was a coincidence that Han Zhuoling was inviting them now, so Old Mrs.

Han instantly agreed.

So though they only invited Han Zhuoli and Lu Man at first, it now became a big family affair.

It would be a mass gathering to witness the scene.

Han Zhuoli just came for fun and did not have anything else to do, so he soon left with Lu Man.

When it was time to get off work, the four of them then went to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas place.

Shi Xiaoya also did not know how their place would look like after the staircase had been installed, so she looked forward to it as well.

When they reached downstairs, they parked their cars and entered the building together.

Han Zhuoling first pressed on the floor he was staying on.

When they walked out of the lift, they were already in Han Zhuolings home.

The entrance foyer was spacious.

Together with the corridor that led to the living room, everything appeared very spacious.

As Han Zhuoling had just renovated it, the house still had the smell of a new home.

But Shi Xiaoya could still smell that the scent of renovation was a little heavier than it was last night.

Seemed like the staircase had already been installed.

Han Zhuoling also thought of that, and the smile on his lips appeared especially pleased.

Han Zhuoling did his duties as the host and brought Han Zhuoli and Lu Man around.

When they reached the edge of the living room, they saw the staircase that had just been installed today.

It had a similar decor style to Han Zhuolings home, which had a minimalist style.

“Big Brother, yours is a duplex apartment” Lu Man asked in surprise.

But looking at it, it didnt really seem like that either.

If it was a duplex apartment, the staircase would lead upwards, rather than downwards.

Han Zhuoling was waiting for her to ask.

He straightened his back and adjusted his tie as he said, “The floor below was Xiaoyas home originally.

Since I already bought the apartment above, it would feel so distant if we continued living upstairs and downstairs.”

Han Zhuoli continued to ask, “So you just connected both your houses together”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Of course.”

Shi Xiaoya also liked the design of the staircase.

It was simple and clean, matching the interior styles of both homes above and below.

The four of them then walked down the stairs.

Han Zhuoling asked Shi Xiaoya, “Hows this”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and nodded fervently.

“This is very good.”

Shi Xiaoya turned around and checked out the staircase.

“It looks as if it had been like this originally.”

Han Zhuoling could not help but laugh.

“It should have been like this originally.”

“The floor below is my home originally.

Now that weve connected our houses together, I will pack my stuff whenever I have time and move them upstairs.

But I wont change the rooms that have already been furnished previously.

His study is above, mine is below.

I need to film videos frequently, so if I am downstairs, the noise would not affect him.”

As she said that, Lin Liye called.

She had already arrived, actually.

Han Zhuoling then went downstairs to fetch them.

Lin Liye did not only bring Han Zhuofeng over, she also brought the helper auntie at home.

“I was thinking, since we are coming for a housewarming, it will be good if we ate together at home as one family.

If we go to a restaurant, that would lose its meaning.” After Lin Liye entered the house, she explained, “So I brought Auntie Liu along.

Now we can have a hearty meal together at home.”

Who knew, Old Mrs.

Han and Shen Nuo had the same thought as Lin Liye.

Theyd brought Auntie Sun and Auntie He along too.

Hence, the three helper aunties went to the kitchen to busy themselves.

There were two kitchens on the floors above and below, and there was an abundance of ingredients, so there was no need to worry that there would not be enough things to cook.

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