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Chapter 2025: He Wasnt So Fast!

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“Quickly, go in.

Young Master Ling had been asking me every fifteen minutes whether youre back already.” Tong Chunian also felt very distressed.

How was he supposed to work like this

He could not concentrate on work at all!

Shi Xiaoya believed what Han Zhuoling said just now, that his work efficiency was much higher with her beside him.

If she was not around, he would ask like that every now and then, so how would he have any work efficiency

Shi Xiaoya then quickly pushed the door open and entered Han Zhuolings office.

Han Zhuoling looked up when he heard the sound, yet still pretended that he was doing work seriously and had no time to care about other things.

“Youre back” He maintained his cold and arrogant demeanor.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, what was he pretending for!

Others had already told her.

“When I ended my meeting just now, you could have just called me directly.

Why did you call someone else and make him convey it to me How troublesome is that” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling explained, “Isnt it because Im afraid that while you guys are having a meeting and I called you then, it would cause you to be talked about by others”

Han Zhuoling made it sound as if it was true.

He totally did not say that it was mainly because he wanted other people to know that he had a girlfriend, and he wanted them to have a deeper impression of this matter.

Shi Xiaoya thought that that made sense and believed it, forgetting how cunning this man was.

At that moment, the office door was knocked on again.

Han Zhuoling frowned slightly.

He already told Tong Chunian that he would not see anyone no matter who came.

It was rare that Shi Xiaoya came.

He did not want to be disturbed by other people.

Right after that, from outside the door, Han Zhuoling heard Han Zhuolis voice ring out.

He heard Han Zhuoli ask Tong Chunian, “Only my big brother and sister-in-law is inside.

Theres no one else, right”

Han Zhuoli sounded really comfortable with calling her “sister-in-law.”

Tong Chunian was heard saying “yes.”

Han Zhuoling then heard a womans voice saying outside, “Why dont we come back in a while Dont disturb Big Brother and Sister-in-law.

What if the two of them…”

This was Lu Mans voice.

He was 100% sure of it.

What did they think she and Han Zhuoling were doing here


Then lets come back in 20 minutes,” Han Zhuoli said.

Han Zhuolings face darkened.

Hence, Han Zhuoling stood up and took big strides to the door, pulling it open.

“Big Brother.” Han Zhuoli smiled and greeted, “Xiaoya.”

Lu Man also followed him and called out a greeting.

The husband and wife pair entered Han Zhuolings office just like that.

“Lu Man, you dont have classes today” Han Zhuoling asked.

Usually, having only Han Zhuoli around at work was enough.

Now, even Lu Man also came to join in on the fun, which made Han Zhuoling feel really tired.

“Im done with my classes for today, so I came over to take a look and catch up with my ex-colleagues,” Lu Man said.

The tour for her play was almost done.

Lu Man still prioritized her studies.

She had already performed the number of shows stated on the contract shed signed back then.

The remaining shows would be substituted by other actresses.

Lu Man thus became more free now.

It was just perfect since she had to start preparing for Little Yijuns 100-day mark baby shower.

She happened to have the time to help Xia Qingwei prepare for it.

And Han Zhuoli did not want her to tire herself out.

With such an experience, Lu Man got used to performing on a huge stage, performing a dozen shows consecutively, and becoming very skilled in acting the same character early on, which was enough.

“It was such a coincidence that Xiaoya also came.

When Zhuoli told me, both of us wanted to come over and see the two of you immediately,” Lu Man said while smiling cheekily.

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