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Chapter 2010: Did Their Roles Reverse

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As it was rare that Han Zhuoling did not go to the company early today, he also forgot to notify Tong Chunian.

As Han Zhuolings assistant, Tong Chunian also followed Han Zhuolings work habits and came to the company early in the morning, which was really not easy.


Naturally, the salary and bonuses that Han Zhuoling paid him were also commensurate with his efforts.

However, these could not compensate how poor Tong Chunian came to office, only to realize that there was not a single soul there.

Of course, the company was usually like this as well.

But at least there was always someone in Han Zhuolings office.

Although at this time, the sky outside had already brightened, the rooms indoors would still be a little dark.

Tong Chunian walked in and turned on the lights one by one.

Yet the light in Han Zhuolings office was actually not on!

Tong Chunian knocked on the door and pushed it open.

He finally realized the truth.

Han Zhuoling did not come!

Aside from when he was not in B City, Han Zhuoling had never done such a thing.

Tong Chunian sighed.

Since he was already here, he should just start working.

He prepared all the work he had to do for the day.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya only left the house at 7:45 AM.

Their companies official working time only started at 9 AM.

If he really came to work on time, he would not need to leave so early.

Han Zhuoling sent Shi Xiaoya to her workplace first.

Luckily, Shi Xiaoya had signed a contract with the Han Corporation to begin with, though it was only that she opened her own work studio under the Han Corporations name.

But to make it convenient when she had to go over to the Han Corporation occasionally, she specifically chose a location for her studio that was not far away from there.

Hence, from Shi Xiaoyas house to her workplace, then to the Han Corporation, it was a smooth journey throughout and did not need any turnaround trips at all.

Han Zhuoling parked his car at Shi Xiaoyas workplace.

Shi Xiaoya unfastened her seatbelt and Han Zhuoling said, “I dont have anything on this afternoon.

Ill clock out on time and come over.”

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya thought of something and said, “I need to go to the Han Corporation for a quarterly meeting this afternoon, and I wont have anything on after that.”

“Then thats great.” The moment Han Zhuoling heard that, he was very happy.

“After your meeting, you can come straight to my office.

We can leave together.”

After a moments thought, Han Zhuoling added, “If you can come earlier, it would be even better.

You can come to my office and rest first.”

Thinking of how Shi Xiaoya was going to the company to look for him as his girlfriend made Han Zhuoling feel very proud.

“Do you know which floor my office is on” Han Zhuoling asked.

Shi Xiaoya was about to get off the car, but when she heard Han Zhuoling ask that, she stopped.

She then realized that she really did not know.

Before she got together with Han Zhuoling, when she occasionally went to the Han Corporation for meetings or work, she would not purposely ask around about Han Zhuolings office.

And she and Han Zhuoling did not have any work relations.

Furthermore, it had only been a year since Han Zhuoling had returned to the country.

In the past, he was not even in the headquarters at B City, so all the more she would not know.

“I… actually dont know.” Shi Xiaoya laughed awkwardly in guilt, hoping that Han Zhuoling would not feel that she did not care about him enough just because of this.

For some reason, this man was very generous on all other things.

Yet when it came to love, he was super petty.

He was petty to the point that he would mind even a very minor issue a lot.

Of course, she also liked this pettiness of his a lot.

Indeed, she heard Han Zhuoling say, “You actually dont care enough to learn which floor my office is on”

Shi Xiaoya couldnt help think that in her relationship with Han Zhuoling… wasnt their roles reversed

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