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Chapter 2002: Ill Teach You

Using his body to support herself, she tiptoed and hastily kissed the exposed part of his collarbone near his collar.

This move was clearly a little clumsy.

Perhaps it was because she was too nervous, Shi Xiaoya also knew her limits.

Considering how scared she was right now, how would she have the courage to kiss Han Zhuolings lips

So she sought the second-best option and found the nearest spot, which was his collarbone.

But even then, she was still so nervous that she literally bumped right into him.

Luckily, her lips shielded the impact, or else she would have bumped into him with her front teeth.

She didnt bump so hard into Han Zhuoling that it left a mark.

And yet, Han Zhuoling could still feel that it hurt a little.

He laughed, staring at this nervous girl.

Seeing how shed taken the initiative, that already made her stance clear.

It was clearly her first time, she had no experience, and even he as her boyfriend was her first love.

But at this moment, she could still muster her courage to kiss him.

No matter where she kissed him, as it was her own initiative, it was enough to prove everything.

She was already so nervous, yet she could still muster her courage to make her decision clear to him.

Anyway, it was actually not wrong of Shi Xiaoya to kiss him there.

Its true that it hurt ever so slightly.

But the moment her soft lips touched his collarbone, hed felt a surge of heat course through the blood in his veins.

Han Zhuoling lifted Shi Xiaoya up high, lifting her half a head higher than him.

Shi Xiaoya gasped.

This seemed to be the first sound she made after she came back from downstairs.

Han Zhuolings actions were very fast.

He immediately hugged her in his arms.

Then it was only one arm holding her; his other hand had reached for the back of her head, pressing it down.

Finally, he kissed her on the lips.

Amid their passionate kiss, when Shi Xiaoya was about to gradually lose sense of her surroundings, Han Zhuoling placed her on the bed.

The mattress that her back rested against was a little cool, and it instantly woke Shi Xiaoya up a bit.

She felt that she might as well continue to be in a daze.

At least then, she would not be so nervous.

But Han Zhuoling did not give her too much time to regain her senses.

He immediately leaned in and kissed her once again.

Shi Xiaoya subconsciously grabbed his shoulders.

As if this already became her habit.

Whenever she was kissed by him, she could not help but want to clutch at his shoulders in order to support herself.

But this time, it was different from the past.

Her soft fingers and palms had just touched his shoulders when she sensed the difference from those times in the past.

In the past, there was always a layer of clothes on.

But now, her palms rested smoothly on skin.

Han Zhuoling had actually taken off his clothes before she knew it!

Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

How did he do it!

She… She didnt notice!

Her palms were seared by the warmth of his skin.

She instantly wanted to retract her hands, but Han Zhuoling caught her hands right then.

He led her hands to feel a cool, metal surface.

This time, Shi Xiaoya could recognize it.

This was his belt buckle!

Shi Xiaoya felt so nervous and anxious that she struggled to take her hands back.

But Han Zhuoling held on firmly, refusing to let go no matter what.

He lowered his head, leaned in close to her ear, and said, “Help me unbuckle.”

Shi Xiaoya felt as if something was stuck in her throat, making her unable to speak.

After a long pause, she then forced out a reply.

“I dont know how…”

“Ill teach you.” Han Zhuoling held her soft fingers and placed them on the edge of the buckle.

“Like this.”

As he said that, his fingers rested atop her fingers and lifted the buckles edge gently.

A “click” sound was heard, and the buckle came loose.

Shi Xiaoya exhaled.

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