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Chapter 1988: Not a Decent Fellow

That face was almost beyond recognition.

The staff quickly helped Liu Enxiao up.

At this moment, there was already someone hiding behind the crowd and secretly snapping pictures.

This person was someone Han Zhuoling had arranged long before this.

He did not know that Zheng Xuexin would beat Liu Enxiao up.

He had overestimated Zheng Xuexins character.

All the reactions afterward were what Han Zhuoling came up with on the spot based on Zheng Xuexins behavior.

Zheng Xuexin looked really awkward as he said, “Mr.

Police, we just had some private matters to settle between us.”

After Zheng Xuexin said that, he threw a warning glance at Liu Enxiao.

Liu Enxiao shivered.

She really did not have enough reason to weigh out the pros and cons right now.

But she had understood Zheng Xuexins threat.

However, Zheng Xuexin beat her up so ruthlessly.

If there was really a chance to blow things up, Zheng Xuexin would have to go to jail as well.

She did not believe that Han Zhuoling would let Zheng Xuexin off.

Zheng Xuexins connections could handle small matters, but if its to really protect him, no one would help out.

After thinking through this point, Liu Enxiao said, “Mr.

Police, dont listen to him.


Liu Enxiao looked up and glanced at Zheng Xuexin before she said, “He wanted to take advantage of me, but I didnt agree, so he wanted to force himself on me! Thats why he beat me up like this!”

Liu Enxiao had been beaten beyond recognition, so one really could not tell whether she was beautiful or ugly originally.

But the policemen were very shocked that Zheng Xuexin was actually such a person.

But if he could beat a woman up like this, he would not have been a decent fellow to begin with.

Originally, the policemens understanding of Zheng Xuexin was also only limited to the image that Zheng Xuexin usually presented to netizens.

They felt that he had the elegance and air of a learned man.

When they saw him today, it really subverted all their assumptions of him.

“Follow us back to the police station,” the policeman said.

“As to how this is to be settled, whether this lady wants to sue you or not or whether she wants a private settlement, she will first have to have her injuries examined and have her statements recorded.”

“Additionally, whoever called the police just now, please follow us back as well,” the police officer said.

Chi Xingrui was the one whod called the police, so he left together with Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao.

In that way, they became short of one guest all of a sudden.

Lu Dongliu also did not expect that Han Zhuolings revenge would come so quickly.

He should at least have waited for the show to end first.

Lu Dongliu instantly felt a little troubled and worried.

They could still make do with five guests.

The main thing was that their show was to be split into two parts per episode.

So one full episode was aired over two weeks.

Now that they had just finished recording for the first part of the fifth episode, it would seem very strange if the first part had Zheng Xuexin but he suddenly disappeared in the second part.

He supposed they could only work hard on the post-production editing to see if they could edit out all the scenes containing Zheng Xuexin in the previous half of the episode.

Anyway, this time, Zheng Xuexin created a huge scandal.

Han Zhuoling definitely would not let go of the opportunity to expose him.

By the time the fifth episode came out, Zheng Xuexins reputation would have been in the gutter already, and it would not benefit their show either.

Lu Dongliu thought about it and finally let go of his troubles.

Han Zhuoling also considered this point, that was why he did not suggest taking the place of the now empty guest spot for this episode.

Of course, if Lu Dongliu brought it up, Han Zhuoling would be willing to help too.

After all, he would be working together with Shi Xiaoya.

The show officially started filming.

Shi Xiaoya then became free and only needed to follow the guests along.

Coincidentally, she was following Lan Jiexin this time.

The speed of female guests would be a little slower, because their physical strengths were limited, so Shi Xiaoya did not have much trouble following along.

Han Zhuoling naturally went together with Shi Xiaoya.

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