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Chapter 1976: Sure, Girlfriend

“At the start, when I watched the show, there were people who said that Shi Xiaoya was throwing herself at him.

In the end When the show aired, it was Han Zhuoling who took the initiative to hug Shi Xiaoya.

Afraid that she would be scared, he kept protecting her.

Some fans just pretended as if they could not see these things.

Even when the bonus scenes at the end of the show made it so obvious, some people still stubbornly insist that they were just doing it for show.

Now that Han Zhuoling personally spoke up, you still dont believe it.

Then what can you guys actually believe Just believe what you think is true”


There are some fans who previously said that Shi Xiaoya was throwing herself at him, yet in the end, it was Han Zhuoling who took the initiative to hug Shi Xiaoya, slapping many faces at once.

Since theyre saying those were all for show, Han Zhuoling immediately came out to announce their relationship publicly, slapping the faces of these people once more.

Han Zhuoling is way too naughty.

He probably just keeps waiting in secret to slap faces.”

When Han Zhuoling saw that Shi Xiaoya did not have any reaction for quite a while, it was in fact because Shi Xiaoya had fallen into a daze a long time ago.

From seeing Han Zhuoling typing it word by word, to the end when she saw that sentence being formed, and then seeing him press the button to post it right before her very eyes…

Shi Xiaoya felt as if she was dreaming, even now.

Although she was sitting down, she still felt as if her legs were floating in the air.

“Hello, wake up.

Why are you in a daze” Han Zhuoling shook her lightly twice in amusement.

Shi Xiaoya finally regained her senses.

She could not help it as she started to smile and say, “Why did you—”

“Is it very hard to imagine” Han Zhuoling laughed.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head, then nodded.

“I thought that you would definitely announce it publicly.

But when I really saw it, I still felt really happy.

I just feel that… your boyfriend skills come like a barrage, and theyre so amazing!”

Han Zhuoling laughed at her description.

The thing about finding a cute little girlfriend was probably that he could hear her say some new words at any time to make him laugh.

“Then, since Ive already announced it, dont you have to say something as well” Han Zhuoling said, then passed her own phone to her.

She did not even know when he took it into his hands.

Shi Xiaoya first took a look at the comments below Han Zhuolings Weibo post.

Her attention landed on one comment.

“No wonder Han Zhuoling followed Shi Xiaoya previously and even gave her a like.

So at that time, Han Zhuoling had already started having designs on Shi Xiaoya.


When Shi Xiaoya saw that, Han Zhuoling naturally saw it as well.

His face could not help but darken.

“What do they mean, having designs on you I was wooing you with a completely upright mentality and in a gentlemanly manner,” Han Zhuoling corrected.

Shi Xiaoya did not tease him on this matter and also posted on Weibo, mimicking Han Zhuolings line as she said, “Hello, everyone, I am Han Zhuolings girlfriend.

Please take care of me, @Han Zhuoling.”

“Shi Xiaoya also came out and responded!”

“This matter is set in stone now.

To the stubborn mules who still refused to believe it before, go and rest.”

“Whats so wrong about Shi Xiaoya Even without Shi Xiaoya in the picture, you guys wouldnt have had a chance.

All of you, wake up from your delusions.

How old are you guys that you still daydream about fairy tales”

“I never expected that it would be a pairing between a domineering CEO and a makeup artist.

These two feel as if they would have no relation to each other at all.”

Alas, Han Zhuoling was not satisfied with posting just that one post just then.

Right after that, he then reposted Shi Xiaoyas Weibo post and commented, “Sure, girlfriend.”

Shi Xiaoyas hands trembled a little.

She thought to herself that this move was too sweet!

Thats so against the rules!

It was not just Shi Xiaoya, even the netizens had been melted by Han Zhuoling!

“What the Previously, what the netizens said made sense.

Han Zhuoling definitely had designs on Shi Xiaoya long ago.

He followed her on Weibo in the past and liked her posts.

Thinking of how he silently followed her and liked her posts, why does it feel a little cute”

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