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Chapter 1974: My Age Is Just Right

Warmth flooded his heart.

But the temperature kept rising, and eventually, the warmth turned into heat.

Han Zhuoling suddenly sprang forward and sought her lips.

He turned her face and Shi Xiaoya could only return his kiss.

The unexpected kiss was fierce and Shi Xiaoya wasnt prepared, meeting it with a muffled “oomph.”

She thus missed how the group chat went momentarily silent before bursting into chaos because of her two sentences.

Wei Zilin: “This PDA caught me off-guard.”

Yan Huaian: “Who knew Han Zhuolings a dab hand at PDA So many tricks up his sleeves.”

Qi Chenglin: “Two people sharing an account Not like I cant do that too.

Come, honey.”

When Shi Xiaoya was finally released by Han Zhuoling, she wanted to find a hole to bury herself in after seeing the chat.

“So thats your aim!” Shi Xiaoya was extremely embarrassed.

Yet she was still in Han Zhuolings embrace, freshly kissed.

The atmosphere was a charged one.

“I like how you defended me.” Han Zhuolings low voice was like fine wine, delicious and seductive.

“Thats what I really think,” Shi Xiaoya said softly.

“I never felt youre too old, youre just right.”

Han Zhuoling laughed, pushing her waist towards his navel.

“Yes, youll know.

My age is just right.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She took a deep breath.

What was this!

Thats not what she meant!

Whats he insinuating!

“But,” Han Zhuoling immediately followed up, “if I were younger, Id be much stronger.”

“Stop it…” Shi Xiaoyas face was fully red from shyness now.

There was nowhere to hide despite her desperate wish to.

She didnt dare to burrow into his arms right now.

She couldnt handle this man.

The seductive him was far harder to deal with than his cold self.

Moreover, no matter what he said, she had no idea how strong he was.

As for “stronger,” she couldnt even have a concept for that if she didnt know his current level of vigor.

Han Zhuoling was oblivious to the fact Shi Xiaoyas thoughts had lingered on the subject.

Han Zhuoling stopped teasing her and texted in the group: “Talk later, I have to settle some stuff.”

His phone was positioned in front of Shi Xiaoya when he typed.

Hence, she thought he had work to finish.

However, he opened the Weibo app instead.

Han Zhuoling went to see the comments the netizens had left for this weeks episode.

Indeed, most of them were focused on their relationship.

And there were naturally some nasty ones.

Shi Xiaoya saw them too.

She neednt turn her head to feel the oppressiveness emitting from Han Zhuoling.

He was all warmth and sunshine just a moment ago, but now, hes as cold as the Arctic.

She turned around and saw Han Zhuolings dark face, his unhappiness plastered all over his face.

“You neednt care about what they say,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I see such comments frequently too, its nothing to me.

They think theyre anonymous behind the Net, so you cant hold them responsible no matter what they say and have no boundaries and respect whatsoever.

If you treat them seriously, youll only make yourself angry and miserable.

On the other hand, if you change your perspective, youll find their opinions are really funny and you can just treat them as jokes.”

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