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Chapter 1970: These Should Have Been Hers to Begin with

But at the same time, there was also one person who would not be able to accept it no matter what.

It was Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin also watched this episode of the show at home.

In fact, she had been watching it since the first episode.

She knew that Han Zhuoling actually went to participate in a variety show, so she was very curious.

Yet the moment she watched, she got immersed in it.

She realized that the Han Zhuoling in the show was actually so charming.

She grew to realize just how stupid she had been back then.

How could she let go of Han Zhuoling just like that

A man that was so good, so attractive, and so charming.

It was precisely because she realized how good Han Zhuoling was, and realized it so much more after she watched—even seeing many things that she had never noticed before—that Xia Yixin became even more determined to get back together with Han Zhuoling.

After the first episode ended, she did not see Han Zhuoling participate in it anymore.

Until today, when she finally saw Han Zhuoling participating as a guest again.

Yet she did not expect that Han Zhuoling would actually behave so intimately with Shi Xiaoya unabashedly right on this show!

Xia Yixin did not understand Han Zhuoling enough, or else she would not have turned her fine marriage into the current state that it was.

But there was one thing that she knew.

Han Zhuoling would definitely never cooperate to do such things just for increasing popularity.

Even if he was like an emotionless robot who could agree to marriage even when he had no feelings to speak of for the other party…

He would definitely not do things like putting on a show.

This kind of act was different from marriage.

In marriage, Han Zhuoling still did his duty, after all.

But this kind of acting just involved an exchange of interests between multiple parties.

Han Zhuoling would never do this kind of thing.

He would not implicate himself in an ambiguous relationship with any woman.

And Han Zhuoling had never looked at any other woman with such gentleness in his eyes.

Even when she had once been Han Zhuolings wife, Han Zhuoling had never treated her like this before either.

After divorcing Han Zhuoling, Xia Yixin still wanted to get back together with Han Zhuoling.

She was not very anxious and wanted to craft a stable and safe plan.

Because she ultimately believed that it was impossible for Han Zhuoling to fall in love with someone.

He might remarry because of the Han Family, and because of the need to have descendants.

But his reason for remarrying would definitely not be because he loved the other party.

Until she heard her close friend Guan Qiaoxin tell her that she saw Han Zhuoling treating a woman especially nicely at the airport.

Only then did Xia Yixin feel a sense of danger.

She did not want to believe that there would come a day when Han Zhuoling would actually really treat a woman so well!

There was no need to even say that he took a liking to her.

Given how gentle he looked at her, could he not have taken a liking to her

She had never seen him being so gentle towards any person of the opposite sex!

Yet now, when she watched this episode of Survivor and saw how protective Han Zhuoling was towards Shi Xiaoya and how gentle he was…

That look was as if he hated that he could not just keep her in his palms.

Xia Yixin then knew that, actually, it was not that Han Zhuoling did not know how to love or to dote on and indulge other people, he just did not like her and did not have the intention to do such a thing.

But these should have been hers to begin with!

His gentle treatment should all have been given to her!

Previously, she was his wife, but she never got to enjoy such gentleness!

Why should he give it to other people now!

Xia Yixin took out her phone and found the photo Guan Qiaoxin had sent her previously.

When she compared it with the Shi Xiaoya on the screen, the more she felt they looked similar.

Then it must be Shi Xiaoya!

Previously, she was still guessing which woman was the one Han Zhuoling had taken a liking to.

Now, she could be sure.

As for the other woman.

Xia Yixin went online to check.

Very quickly, she found a photo of Guo Yujie.

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