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Chapter 1968: Are the Han Family People Professionals in Slapping Faces

Its as if they were all aimed at criticizing Shi Xiaoya.

But, as the persons involved, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling still did not know about that yet.

The two of them were still focused on watching the show.

They even felt that they did not have enough time to talk to each other.

How would they have the time to go and check their phones

The people who were criticizing at first felt their mouths fall wide open when they saw that right after Shi Xiaoya screamed, Han Zhuoling indeed appeared.

“What science is this!”

“This is crazy! The moment Shi Xiaoya screamed, Han Zhuoling appeared”

“He appeared the moment she screamed.

Han Zhuoling is almost turning into a summon monster.”

“Was Han Zhuoling waiting at the side long ago This is an effect Han Zhuoling cooperated with the production team to create, right!”

“Does Han Zhuoling need to cooperate with the production team to create an effect Who would dare to ask him to cooperate with them Han Zhuoling is just not this kind of person!”

After that, they saw Han Zhuoling rushing up to Shi Xiaoya.

But it was not Shi Xiaoya who took the initiative to lunge into his arms.

It was Han Zhuoling who just pulled Shi Xiaoya into his arms.

How domineering!

When Han Zhuoling was comforting Shi Xiaoya, the production team actually did not cut a single scene at all!

After receiving affirmation from Han Zhuoling, the production team would definitely have to edit accordingly to ensure the topics would be an explosive hit.

The most exciting part would definitely be the big public reveal of Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship as lovers!

At the beginning, they gave the audience enough of a shock, up until the later part when the two of them were being lovey-dovey with each other, of which the parts would be suitably reduced.

After all, they had to give the other guests air time as well.

Of course, in the members exclusive version, there would be a completely unedited version of the show.

Of course, these were all talk for later.

Now, the audience was still immersed in the shock of seeing Han Zhuoling actually hugging Shi Xiaoya first.

They watched with their own eyes how gently Han Zhuoling comforted Shi Xiaoya.

“What the f*ck, I just saw Han Zhuoling secretly kiss Shi Xiaoyas hair!”

“Did you see wrongly”

“I saw it too.

Although it was very fast, I saw it!”

“These two people… they are actually in love, right…”

“Previously, netizens shipped them quite hard as well.

I also thought it was Shi Xiaoya trying to ride on his popularity.

But now, it looks like…”

Han Zhuolings kiss was too fast.

It went by in a flash.

Although there were many people who did not see it, there were still quite a substantial number of netizens who saw it.

The people who criticized Shi Xiaoya first all got a slap in the face.

And what a ruthless slap it was!

“Are the Han Family members professionals in slapping faces Previously, it was Han Zhuoli and Lu Man face-slapping as husband and wife.

Now, Han Zhuoling also came out toslap slap slap. They are really having a good time slapping faces now!”


Shi Xiaoyas haters always had something to fuss about.

Now that they got slapped in the face by Han Zhuoling personally, doesnt it feel good”

Of course, there were still people who refused to believe it.

“This is definitely arranged by the production team.

To boost the viewership ratings and popularity, they will do anything.”

“Survivor is invested in by the Han Corporation, so it wouldnt be strange if Han Zhuoling came out to cooperate.

Dont think too highly of Han Zhuoling.

Basically, he is just a businessman.

If cooperating with Survivor can pull up the viewership ratings and popularity of the show, the show can earn more money, which also helps their Han Corporation to earn money.

If he really did not care, he would not have agreed to come on the variety show right from the start.

Before this, which one of you ever thought that he would come on a reality show”


Its just for the popularity.”

There was still a portion of people who stubbornly insisted and refused to accept it.

But the more they watched towards the end, where Han Zhuoling brought Shi Xiaoya to pass the stages along the way and would rather go back and go through the levels all over again to help Shi Xiaoya pass the levels…

And even up to the point when Shi Xiaoya saw Han Zhuoling and ran straight up to him…

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