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Chapter 1964: Cant Embarrass Myself in Front of You

“Then were you also very nervous during the first episode” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Not really,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya gave him the “You are indeed different” look.

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Because I cant embarrass myself in front of you.”

Shi Xiaoyas heart suddenly skipped a beat and her face also started heating up.

This man.

He suddenly said such a phrase.

He was really such a teaser!

“Are you saying nice things just to coax me” Shi Xiaoya said with her reddened face.

“You didnt even like me then.”

Han Zhuoling fixed his gaze on her.

His gaze was deep and warm.

His gaze made Shi Xiaoya unable to handle it and admit defeat under his gaze.

She could only tug at Han Zhuolings sleeve and act cute silently.

“Who said so” Han Zhuoling held her hand that was tugging on his shirt and said, “At that time, I only had a liking for you.

I just didnt know what exactly that feeling was.

But at least I know that my feelings for you were very different.

It was unlike that towards others.”

“I wont feel repelled when you get close to me.

I even wanted you to come closer to me,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Or else, I wouldnt have personally asked you to replace Yuan Yina to do my makeup for me.”

“Thats why, I didnt want to embarrass myself in front of you.” Han Zhuoling stared at the young lady in his arms.

He sighed sentimentally in his heart.

Thankfully, she was his girlfriend now.

He had not missed it.

Thinking about that, he could not help but hug Shi Xiaoya a little tighter.

Right at that moment, Shi Xiaoya saw on the television screen that Han Zhuoling, who had also been blindfolded, was walking towards her.

Right when Shi Xiaoya was waving her arms around nervously and feeling around wildly, her right hand had been held firmly by Han Zhuoling.

So, this was how this looked like at that time.

Shi Xiaoya saw that Han Zhuoling seemed as if he could still see even though he was blindfolded.

He could actually find her at once.

When his hand held hers firmly, she could even feel assured through the screen.

In life, it was very rare that one could personally look back at what one had experienced previously.

Only during lifes biggest moments, such as a wedding and when giving birth, would we specially take photos and videos to commemorate.

Not everyone would record the process of giving birth on video, but most people would surely take a video of their wedding.

It was so that after a few years, they could remember how they looked like when they got married.

But aside from that, there would probably not be many chances that would allow for such a form of reminiscence.

It was rare that because of this show, Shi Xiaoya would have such a chance.

She was not a celebrity.

She did not make witty remarks like those celebrities in shows, and she did not behave in a way that would appeal to the audience in front of the camera.

Because she did not know what the audience liked to see.

So, she could only be herself in front of the camera.

Hence, what she expressed was really the most truthful version of herself.

Even in the variety show, it also felt as if she was experiencing her life again.

Seeing Han Zhuoling hold her hand, the Shi Xiaoya in the show became visibly more assured and not afraid anymore.

And Shi Xiaoya who was watching the show now also felt assured as well.

Han Zhuoling hugged her in his arms all this while.

Her back was right up against Han Zhuolings chest, against the sound of his heartbeat.

When she breathed in, his scent also surrounded her.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but lean back a little more, hugging the arms in front of her with both hands.

How could Han Zhuoling not sense her movements He lowered his head just in time to see her smiling from ear to ear.

Han Zhuoling then planted a kiss at the corner of her eye.

Her face was clean and did not have a single speck of makeup powder on.

When he kissed her, his lips was filled with the fresh scent of her skin.

This made Han Zhuoling a little unable to control himself.

It reminded him of the wonderful moment when he kissed her after they had just stepped in.

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