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Chapter 1952: Easy to Bully

When Han Zhuoling heard that, he asked, “You guys came to find Xiaoya”

“When we walked out of the lift just now, we happened to see Zheng Xuexin covering his face.

Were worried that he came to find trouble with Xiaoya, so we just came over to take a look,” Duan Pingxian explained first.

“Thats considerate of you.” Han Zhuoling smiled at them.

A person who had always been stern suddenly smiled, which really made one feel flattered.

“Xiaoya is fine.

She is packing her things inside now and will go back to my room with me in a moment,” Han Zhuoling said openly.

He already came over, so he naturally would not be staying alone.

Or else, why would he have come

Of course he had to bring Shi Xiaoya along with him.

Also, saying it out like this just confirmed the relationship between the two of them, allowing others to give up hope.

Though Shi Feng and the other two really did not have other thoughts.

They could tell what the relationship was between the two of them since the third episode, so all the more they would not have any designs on Shi Xiaoya.

But Han Zhuoling still pettily wanted to announce it one more time.

How could Shi Feng and the others not understand

They fell speechless for a moment.

They did not expect Han Zhuoling would have such childish moments.

It was really eye-opening for them.

Ling Xiaoen laughed awkwardly and said, “Since Xiaoya is fine, then well get going now.

We wont impose on you anymore.”

“Thank you all for taking care of Xiaoya,” Han Zhuoling replied as he smiled.

The three of them quickly replied politely and turned to walk in the reverse direction.

Their rooms happened to be in the reverse direction from Shi Xiaoyas room.

Han Zhuoling then waited in the corridor.

Not long after, Shi Xiaoya also came out with her luggage.

“I am worried about leaving Yujie here,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Zheng Xuexin wont dare to come back anymore,” Han Zhuoling said.

Guo Yujie sent them at the door and said, “Yeah.

He had already been scared out of his wits by Young Master Ling.

How would he dare to come back Anyway, I will lock the door.

Ill be fine as long as I dont open the door no matter who comes.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Then if anything happens, call me immediately.

As long as my phone rings, I will know its from you even before I answer it.”

“Alright, dont worry.” Guo Yujie thought of something and said, “Oh right, Young Master Ling, just now, Zheng Xuexin clearly outed Liu Enxiao.

Why didnt you let him continue speaking”

Seeing what Han Zhuoling did just now, it seemed like he purposely cut off Zheng Xuexin.

From Guo Yujies perspective, it would have been a good chance for Zheng Xuexin to say what exactly Liu Enxiao did clearly.

But Guo Yujie did not suspect Han Zhuolings intentions either.

Anyway, no matter what, he definitely would not let Shi Xiaoya suffer.

He would definitely not help Liu Enxiao.

How would Liu Enxiao be influential enough to make him do that

“I dont need to hear him say it.

I just need to know that Liu Enxiao had a part to play in this scheme,” Han Zhuoling said.

He glanced at Shi Xiaoya.

He wondered if he should let Shi Xiaoya know about his next plans.

He felt a little worried that Shi Xiaoya might feel that he was too ruthless.

Shi Xiaoya swayed his hand and said, “Just say it, so I can be mentally prepared as well.

If Liu Enxiao really tried to harm me in this matter, I wouldnt want to let her off either.”

Shi Xiaoya let Han Zhuoling know her personality.

She was not some soft little lamb who was easy to bully either.

No matter what Han Zhuoling planned to do, she would not think much about it.

Because, she trusted that this man knew what was appropriate.

Seeing that this was Shi Xiaoyas stance, Han Zhuoling also relaxed and smiled.

Actually, thinking about it would make it obvious.

Someone who could match Lu Mans temper would not be someone who was easy to bully in the first place.

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