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Chapter 1945: Draw Away

Liu Enxiao was done sending out the red packets.

To scheme against Shi Xiaoya, Liu Enxiao had already spent quite a lot of money, including more than half of her pay after this round.

To her, this was a huge bleed-out.

To scheme against Shi Xiaoya, Liu Enxiao really put in a lot of effort.

Who knew what grudge she bore against her

Liu Enxiao looked at her WeChat.

Her eyes flashed before she said, “Lets go out and have supper.

Call Director Lu and the others.

T Citys seafood and beer are very famous.

Its rare that we came here, so we have to give it a try no matter what.”

In the same room with Liu Enxiao was Yu Zhenzhen, who happened to be on good terms with Shi Xiaoya.

When Yu Zhenzhen heard that, she thought that that suggestion was not bad, so she immediately told everyone on the work chat.

Lu Dongliu said, “Everyone has been working hard all this time.

Lets go out for supper tonight.

My treat.”

“Wow! Director Lu is great!”

“Thanks, Director Lu!”

Everyone sent their thanks.

“Lets go and call Xiaoya and the others too,” Yu Zhenzhen said to Liu Enxiao.

Shi Xiaoya and the others were makeup artists contracted by the production team, but they were not directly part of the production team.

They were just like the guests that signed a contract to come on the show.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya and the others were not in the production teams work chat.

Liu Enxiao said, “Then Ill be in charge of notifying Xiaoya and the other makeup artists.”

Yu Zhenzhen thought about it.

They were all makeup artists, and Liu Enxiao did look closer to Shi Xiaoya, so she said, “Okay.”

After a while, Liu Enxiao said, “Shi Feng and the others have already started eating outside.

Qiaoxian said shes on a diet and cant eat supper.

Xiaoya said that shes feeling a little tired today, so she wont be going out.”

Of course, Liu Enxiao did not inform those people.

She was just pretending she did.

And yet, the things she said made a lot of sense.

And if Shi Xiaoya did not go, Yu Zhenzhen felt that it was probably because of Zheng Xuexins issue today, which had put Shi Xiaoya in low spirits.

So she did not force her.

Liu Enxiao scoffed in her heart.

If she did not leave Shi Xiaoya behind, how could she make it convenient for Zheng Xuexin to go and look for her

Zheng Xuexin also saw through Liu Enxiaos animosity towards Shi Xiaoya, so he just sent her a WeChat message to ask if she had a way to draw the production team people away.

When the time comes, Shi Xiaoya would not be able to ask Lu Dongliu for help anymore.

Even if Lu Dongliu wanted to save her, he would not be able to make it in time.

Anyway, that Shi Xiaoya was just putting on an act.

If she could go and pester Han Zhuoling, she was not some decent woman either.

After rejecting him superficially a few times, she would become obedient.

Its just that it was a pity that this caused the flavor that had been there in the morning to be lost.

At that time, hed still thought Shi Xiaoya was a virgin and a girl with self-esteem.

Back then, he could still enjoy the process of pursuing and conquering her.

But it looked like Shi Xiaoya did not have self-esteem.

She was just picky and wanted to see who could give her bigger benefits.

And he, he was clearly not the one Shi Xiaoya thought highly of.

As he walked on the corridor, Zheng Xuexin could not put away the cold, mocking smile on his lips.

But Shi Xiaoya did not think, would Han Zhuoling like her

At first, he could still provide Shi Xiaoya with quite a few opportunities.

But now, even this little bit of opportunity was gone.

Didnt Shi Xiaoya look down on him

Since she looked down on his offers, then she would not get anything at all!

Let Shi Xiaoya lose out on both ends!

At this moment, Zheng Xuexin received Liu Enxiaos message.

“Teacher Zheng, our production team followed Director Lu to go and have supper.

Director Lu is treating us,” Liu Enxiao said.

She even added a smiley face at the end.

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