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Chapter 1929: A Change in Attitude

In fact, after Lu Man went back yesterday, shed told Han Zhuoli about Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing.

Lu Man did not ask Han Zhuoli to help her because she was able to handle a small matter like this.

But Han Zhuoli felt that for something that could be easily resolved as long as he appeared, there was no need to trouble Lu Man about it.

So he came very early today.

He just did not expect that, even though he thought he came early enough and even planned to wait there for Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing to come, these two people would actually come even earlier than him.

Xia Qingwei did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Youre really something.

You even showed your jealousy of me in front of my face.”

Han Zhuoli then slowly turned his gaze to Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing.

Raising his eyebrow, he asked, “These two are—”

Wang Juhuai could not even be bothered to introduce them.

But Wang Taihong very “considerately” saved Wang Juhuai the trouble of being in an awkward position and came forward of his own accord.

He even extended his hand and said, “I didnt expect to see Young Master Han here today.

Hello, hello, I am Juhuais father, Wang Taihong.

This is my wife, Lu Wenqing.”

Han Zhuoli lowered his eyes.

He plainly glanced at the extended hand but did not reach out to shake it.

“Just now, I seemed to have heard the two of you say that my wife relied on something to rise to fame in the entertainment industry.

Is that right” Han Zhuoli pretended as if he did not hear it clearly.

Wang Taihong froze for a moment.

Even a dumb person could tell that Han Zhuoli had heard what theyd said just now clearly.

He shamelessly forced an awkward laugh and said, “Its all a misunderstanding, haha, a misunderstanding.”

“I also heard the two of you being disdainful of the countrys environment,” Han Zhuoli said while half-smiling.

“But no matter how bad it is, our Han Family also got by like that.

We had been educated in the country since we were young.

Looks like our families are not knowledgeable enough and are ignorant and narrow-minded.”

Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing felt incredibly awkward and embarrassed.

Han Zhuolis sarcasm was way too obvious.

Who would dare to say that the Han Family was not knowledgeable enough

They had all been educated in the country.

What was there for them to be disdainful of

“No, no.” Wang Taihong could only say, “We are the ones who are not knowledgeable enough.

Looks like the education system here is also very developed.”

They would never have expected that Lu Mans husband would actually be Han Zhuoli.

If that was the case, Wang Yijun could even call Han Zhuoli Brother-in-law.

No matter how conceited they were, they still felt that it was better to stay here, to get closer to Han Zhuoli so that they could reap more benefits.

At this moment, the two of them completely got rid of the idea of wanting to take the child away.

Wang Juhuai treated her so well, yet she could actually say such a thing!

Wang Juhuai said in a cold voice, “Dad, Mom, were not kidding with you.

Either both of you go back to the States and carry on as usual, or you wont get anything if you insist on staying.”

It was clear now that everyone did not want to see them, so Lu Wenqing did not try to force a smile to curry favor with Lu Man.

On the contrary, she thought that it was all because of Xia Qingwei and Lu Man that Wang Juhuai kept giving them such an attitude.

Lu Wenqing nodded her head angrily.

“Good, good, good! Its all because of her, and her!”

Lu Wenqing pointed at Xia Qingwei, then at Lu Man.

“You dont even acknowledge your parents now.

We raised you when you were young, groomed you and educated you, yet you are using that little bit of money to come and threaten us now.

Are we desperate for that little bit of money from you”

She really did not understand.

They clearly had a relative like Han Zhuoli around, so why could Wang Juhuai just not help them establish good relations with the Han Family!

In the past, Wang Juhuai was on good terms with Han Xijin.

But they were overseas then, and the Han Familys influence had not been that great yet.

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