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Chapter 1927: Its All a Misunderstanding

Wang Qianyun badmouthed Lu Man quite a fair bit in front of them too.

But, to cooperate with Lin Jinshu, Wang Qianyun only talked about how Lu Man bullied her in the country.

She did not mention Han Zhuoli at all.

Lin Jinshu really knew her ex-in-laws too well.

If shed let them know that Lu Mans husband was Han Zhuoli, how would they gather their fighting spirit

Luckily, Lu Man and Han Zhuolis wedding had not been deliberately reported on in foreign newspapers.

Thats why theyd managed to keep it from Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing.

It was precisely because of Wang Qianyuns badmouthing that Lu Wenqing had a super bad impression of Lu Man from the start.

Why would she still look up Lu Man on the Internet

To check how famous she was

“She just has a little bit of popularity, I dont need to specially look her up,” Lu Wenqing said arrogantly.

Wang Juhuai laughed mockingly.

“If youd looked her up, you would have known that whatever you said previously is completely ridiculous! Lu Man does not need to resort to those underhand means at all, and no one would dare to make her do that.”

“And a burden” Wang Juhuai almost laughed in anger.

“If anyones family could have aburden like Lu Man, they would laugh even in their sleep.”

“Now, I will give you both some time to look up Lu Man on the Internet, as well as her husband.

You can then come and tell me whether shes a burden or not,” Wang Juhuai said coldly.

Lu Wenqing was a little unnerved, but because Wang Juhuai said that, she could not help but be curious.

She really took out her phone and started searching right in front of them.

When she typed Lu Mans name in the search bar, the search engine very smartly listed out various messages.

In the drop-down bar, there was a line that read, “Lu Mans Husband, Han Zhuoli.”

Lu Wenqings eyelid twitched.

Han Zhuoli

There was only one Han Zhuoli she knew.

It couldnt possibly be such a coincidence!

If they had the exact same name, that would be too ridiculous.

Lu Wenqings eyelids shook, and she finally pressed on that line.

After that, many posts and news articles regarding Lu Man and Han Zhuoli appeared.

The most frequent topic was regarding their marriage.

And that time at the film festival, when the two of them announced their relationship publicly.

The news that she found had photos and videos, so it was impossible to be fake.

Lu Wenqings face changed multiple times.

She looked up in disbelief and felt too embarrassed to look at Lu Man for a moment.

She could only stare at Wang Juhuai.

“She… she…”

Wang Juhuai laughed and said, “Did you think she used underhanded means to achieve her status Who would dare to use underhanded means on her Take back your dirty thoughts!”

Wang Taihong went over to look at Lu Wenqings phone screen.

The shock was too great!

Han Zhuoli heard Lu Wenqing and Wang Taihong speaking when he just got here.

It made him so angry that he wanted to barge in and let them have a good look at who he was.

But right after that, he heard Wang Juhuai telling them to look up Lu Man online.

Han Zhuoli then suppressed his anger and waited for Lu Wenqing to look up Lu Man.

He then came in and even acted as if he did not know anything.

But how well did Lu Man know him When she saw Han Zhuolis expression, she knew that he definitely heard something.

Even if the fault did not lie with Wang Juhuai, the trouble that his parents caused still made Wang Juhuai feel very awkward and unable to face Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli did not even look at Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing.

Wang Juhuai then knew that, actually, Han Zhuoli had already heard what Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing said.

“Why did you come over so early” Lu Man asked.

“Youre not at home, so theres no point if I stayed at home alone.

I might as well come over and accompany you,” Han Zhuoli said pitifully.

“You keep accompanying Mom these last few days, you dont even have time for me anymore.”

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