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Chapter 1920: No One Forced Her

They were dissatisfied with Xia Qingwei for two reasons—apart from their initial disapproval, they were also reluctant to admit their mistakes now.

Plus, Xia Qingwei had been married once and had brought her daughter into her marriage with Wang Juhuai.

According to Lin Jinshu, Wang Juhuai even treated that child like his biological daughter and loved her dearly.

Theyd thought itd be hard for Xia Qingwei to conceive again at her age.

And Wang Juhuai had to take care of her and some other mans child.

Wasnt it a massive loss

Wang Juhuais own child couldnt experience this treatment, yet someone else unrelated to him benefited from it

Hence, Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing were particularly displeased with Xia Qingwei.

Hearing Wang Juhuai now lessened their degree of dissatisfaction somewhat.

This Xia Qingwei still knew whats important and was reasonable.

Her giving birth to a son was why they traveled here.

But that was the extent of their appeasement.

To them, if it wasnt for him marrying Xia Qingwei, Wang Juhuai wouldnt be facing difficulties when it came to having children.

Itd be easy for Wang Juhuai to marry a younger woman, and he wouldnt need to worry about having children.

What “put her life on the line to give him a child” Its because shes old!

Giving Wang Juhuai a child was her duty.

Wang Juhuai only said that to put in a good word for her, to show that Xia Qingwei sacrificed a lot.

But Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing thought this was what Xia Qingwei was supposed to do.

No one forced her to.

If she didnt marry Wang Juhuai, she neednt have done it.

She merely did it for her own benefit, to solidify her position in the family.

Whats touching about this

Wang Juhuai could be said to know his parents inside out.

He knew his words couldnt change much about them.

They were just like this.

Wang Jugu clearly inherited their character.

Wang Juhuais had a totally different temperament from them most likely because of where he grew up.

Hed learned the violin from Xia Qingweis father.

As someone who raised someone like Xia Qingwei, her father was clearly a senior deserving of love and respect.

When he went overseas afterward, he was accepted as a disciple of the violin maestro Herdel and was practically raised by him.

He was taught by Herdel.

Many of his morals and views on life were Herdels influence.

Moreover, he grew alongside music and art, molding him into a different person from his parents and brother.

“Im not expecting you to change your attitude towards Qingwei just because of my words.

But I hope youll remember that she just gave birth and nearly died for me.

Shes still in confinement, and you know how important that time is to women,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Im not begging you to be enthusiastic towards her, but at the very least, dont upset her.”

Wang Juhuai was high-strung, anxious, and worried throughout Xia Qingweis whole pregnancy journey.

The most difficult part was over, yet he didnt relax.

As hed seen many cases of post-partum depression.

Thus, Lu Man came daily to accompany Xia Qingwei and relieve her boredom.

He was also thinking of ways to keep Xia Qingwei happy and not let her feel exhausted from looking after the baby.

So that she could maintain her happiness and go through the confinement period healthily.

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