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Chapter 1914: Balance

Look at how Master Wang performed

Master Wang was so successful and famous, but for his wife, he even put all his work on hold to focus on taking care of her.

He did not skip any of the lessons, unlike them, who were not as capable as Wang Juhuai yet were still busier than him.

If they could attend half of the ten lessons, that would be considered many.

With Wang Juhuai setting the bar for all these things, it really troubled those potential fathers.

Wang Juhuai naturally also learned how to carry babies.

But those lessons all used baby dolls to simulate real babies, and they were still different from real babies after all.

Hence, when Wang Juhuai carried his own son for the first time, he felt really very nervous.

He told Lu Man it was okay, but he became stiff from nervousness when he was carrying the baby himself and did not dare to move too recklessly.

Lu Man still shook her head and said, “I cant, I dont dare to.

Ill only dare to carry him when hes a few months older.”

Wang Juhuai laughed and said, “You will get pregnant and have a child yourself too.

Arent you preparing for pregnancy now When you give birth, you have to carry your own baby too.

You can carry your younger brother first to get some training.”

Lu Man still did not dare to.

“Lets wait for him to get a bit older before I use him to train.”

She did not even have any experience in this area at all, so Lu Man really did not dare to carry the baby just like that.

Seeing that he could not convince her, Wang Juhuai stopped persuading her.

He knew that Lu Man was a careful girl.

Wang Juhuai placed the little baby beside Xia Qingweis pillow and stared at Xia Qingweis sleeping face.

Wang Juhuai could not help but reach out to touch her.

At this moment, the nurse came in.

She came to deliver the babys details, like height, blood type, time of birth, etc.

As the baby was healthy, the baby could be left here.

When Xia Qingwei regained consciousness, she could then move to Chu Tian Confinement Center at the back of the hospital, which it was directly linked to.

Lu Man decided to leave space for Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei, as well as the little baby for the three of them to have some family time to themselves.

“Lets go back home and report the good news to the family,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli looked at her, did not say anything, and followed her out.

Once they reached the corridor, Han Zhuoli then asked, “Are you okay”

Lu Man held his hand as they walked.

When she heard that, she understood at once what Han Zhuoli was referring to.

“You dont have to worry about me, I dont feel like Im excluded at all.

And Dad and Mom have actually always been especially considerate of my feelings, afraid that I will feel uncomfortable.

I was even afraid that they would neglect Yijun out of consideration for my feelings.”

Lu Man slowly said, “And, after all, I have many family members now, not only my maternal family but also my in-laws.

My emphasis is on these two groups and not just on one of them.

I want to leave the time now to Dad and Mom, and as for us, we still have our family waiting for us to go back.”

Both sides were her family.

One needed space right now while the other was waiting for their return.

This was a kind of balance.

And Lu Man did not feel like she had been excluded at all.

This had been Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuais hard work and effort all along.

Han Zhuoli knew she was saying the truth and not just trying to reassure him.

Han Zhuoli squeezed her hand and said, “Seeing Mother-in-law give birth and seeing such a small little baby, I also cant help but feel moved.”

As they talked, the two of them entered the lift.

Han Zhuoli said, “I am also starting to look forward to having our own children.”

Theyd set their wedding date in May.

B City warmed up earlier, so the weather in May was right when it was more acceptable, such that wearing a thick and heavy wedding dress would not make one feel cold still.

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