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Chapter 1912: Gave Birth

Not just Old Mrs.

Han, but if Shen Nuo, Lin Liye, and the others also waited there together with her, she would feel bad as well.

“Stop adding on to their troubles.” Old Mr.

Han also stopped her.

“If you go too, they also have to take care of you.

They are already anxious enough.

Youll only make them distracted because they have to take care of you.

Isnt this adding on to their troubles”

Old Mrs.

Han was concerned about Xia Qingwei and also wanted to know about Xia Qingweis condition at the first instance.

But upon thinking, she found Old Mr.

Han was right too.

If she went, Han Xijin, Shen Nuo, and Lin Liye would definitely have to go.

If so many people swarmed over, at such a critical moment, it would really not be suitable.

Old Mrs.

Han nodded.

“Alright, then, I wont go anymore.”

Lu Man also heaved a sigh of relief.

She was not afraid of being too busy because of the need to take care of the Han Family people, but that it would really make people feel bad if Old Mrs.

Han were to stay there for the whole night.

Now that Old Mrs.

Han was not going, Lu Man heaved a sigh of relief.

The others also heaved a sigh of relief.

They also felt that going would just add more trouble, so they might as well wait for Xia Qingwei to give birth first.

“Man Man, quickly go now, dont delay it,” Old Mrs.

Han said to Lu Man.

Lu Man quickly went to the hospital together with Han Zhuoli.

When they arrived, Xia Qingwei had not gone into the operating theater yet and was still waiting in the ward.

The doctor had been staying there to monitor Xia Qingweis condition and could be said to provide superb VIP treatment for the whole process.

“Its ready,” the doctor said, and he let the nurse push Xia Qingwei into the operating theater.

Wang Juhuai, Lu Man, and Han Zhuoli also followed closely behind them to wait outside the door to the operating theater.

Xia Qingwei was of advanced age, after all.

Wang Juhuai did not dare to gamble and did not let her give birth naturally.

He was afraid that she would not be able to persevere with it and chose to do a C-section instead.

Anyway, they would only have this one child.

Xia Qingwei wanted to bear a child for Wang Juhuai, so Wang Juhuai felt that one was enough.

Lu Man sat on the chair outside and forced herself to remain calm.

Wang Juhuai was surely very nervous as well.

If she did not calm down, the two of them would be a mess.

At this moment, Auntie Liang also arrived.

She brought a carry-on with her.

It was filled with all the things that Xia Qingwei needed to use postpartum.

Although Chu Tian Confinement Center would provide those items later on, these were the things that Xia Qingwei was used to using, so she would still prefer to use her own things.

Finally, the doors to the operating theater opened.

The nurse carried the baby out and said, “Congratulations to you, the baby is a boy.”

Wang Juhuai carefully took the baby and did not even have time to look at him properly before he asked, “What about my wife”


Wangs condition is stable.

She will come out in a moment,” the nurse said with a smile.

Indeed, not long after, Xia Qingwei was pushed out.

Her anesthetic had not gone away, so she was still unconscious.

Wang Juhuai was still not assured and asked the doctor again, “When will my wife wake up”

“The anesthesia will wear off in another half an hour.

We added an epidural for her, so after the anesthetic fades, she would not feel too much pain,” the doctor explained.

“She would not awaken from pain, so it will depend on when she wakes up naturally.

Rest assured, Madams operation was very successful.”

But as long as Xia Qingwei had not woken up and confirmed to be fine, Wang Juhuai would still not be assured.

After returning to the ward, Wang Juhuai then finally took a look at his own son.

He did not have time to look at him carefully just now and had just been very concerned about Xia Qingweis condition.

The doctor promised once again that Xia Qingwei was fine, and since Xia Qingwei did not wake up, Wang Juhuai had nothing else to do.

The baby son he was carrying in his arms was the child Xia Qingwei put her life on the line to give birth to for him.

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