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Chapter 1910: About to Give Birth

The messages were very simple.

Uncle Sun, Happy New Year.

Older Brother Ji, Happy New Year.

Like this.

One look and people could tell that she typed it word by word and did not mass send it.

Lu Man took out her phone to look, and the screen displayed the words, “Dad Wang.”

Usually, in such times, Wang Juhuai would not contact her.

Lu Mans heart immediately raised.

She thought that it could very likely be related to Xia Qingwei.

Lu Man quickly answered the call.

“Dad, did something happen to Mom”

“Your mom looks like shes about to give birth.

Im bringing her to the hospital now.” Wang Juhuai sounded very anxious over the phone as well.

This was only a few days away from her estimated date of childbirth, so it was quite normal.

Usually, when it was near the estimated due date, she would have to stay in the hospital already.

Public hospitals were short on hospital beds, so they did not offer this option.

But Xia Qingwei was set to give birth at Chu Tian Hospital, so they had long reserved a hospital bed for her.

It was just that Xia Qingweis estimated due date coincidentally fell on the New Year period, so Xia Qingwei did not want to spend her New Year in the hospital.

There would be no choice when giving birth, but as for the rest of the time, Xia Qingwei wanted to stay at home.

When she was really about to give birth, she could then go to the hospital.

Yet she did not expect that right after 12 midnight, right on the first day of the Chinese New Year, she would be going into labor.

Wang Juhuai also panicked.

He felt lost and did not know what to do.

It was Xia Qingwei who was experienced and told Wang Juhuai, “Silly you, quickly, tell Wei Zhong to prepare the car.

Tell Auntie Liang to call the hospital and let them know were going over right now.”

The nearer it was to Xia Qingweis estimated due date, the more worried Wang Juhuai became, so hed asked Auntie Liang if she could stay over during the New Year period this year.

He would triple her salary for this whole month.

Of course, she could still go back to have some reunion dinner.

They could not possibly really make her spend the New Year without going back home at all just because of Xia Qingwei.

Auntie Liang naturally agreed and came back after having her reunion dinner.

They really did not expect that Xia Qingwei would go into labor at this moment.

“Auntie Liang is experienced.

She will prepare the things I need postpartum.

The hospital will also prepare as well.” The period before Xia Qingwei experienced labor pain was longer now, so she still had the strength and patience to tell Wang Juhuai all these things so that he would not be so nervous.

Wang Juhuai finally calmed down a little and rushed to find Wei Zhong.

“Wei Zhong! Wei Zhong!”

“Sir!” Wei Zhong immediately appeared.

Luckily, because it was New Years Eve and everyone slept a little later, Wei Zhong had just finished eating dumplings and was waiting for the food to digest.

When he heard Wang Juhuais call, he immediately came over.

“Qingwei is about to give birth, quickly prepare the car!” Wang Juhuai said urgently.

Wei Zhong also got a shock and nodded immediately.


Luckily, Wei Zhong had more experience than Wang Juhuai.

Wei Zhongs wife passed away from cancer a few years ago.

He did not find another woman and just remained single like this, and he did not wish to remarry either.

His children had all settled down and started their own families and careers in America, so he did not have any worries as well.

Hence, he could very readily follow Wang Juhuai back home now and still remain his butler.

Wang Juhuai and Wei Zhong were more like family to each other.

Wei Zhong took care of his wife from pregnancy to delivery, so he was much calmer than Wang Juhuai now and went to get the car ready.

When he came out, he even told Auntie Liang on the way, “Auntie Liang, Madam is about to give birth!”

Even though Wang Juhuai was panicking now, he had thankfully arranged everything properly beforehand.

When it came to the time when she was really going to give birth, everyone was very clear on what they were supposed to do.

Without needing for Wang Juhuai and Wei Zhong to say anything more, Auntie Liang immediately called the hospital.

After ending the call, she started packing some things that Xia Qingwei would need to use.

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