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Chapter 1907: Another Home

Xia Qingyang suddenly felt guilty and had an ominous feeling.

Lu Qi did not know that and said, “Werent you pretty good at pacifying him in the past You could make him happy and coax him until hes muddled to the point that he can even abandon his biological daughter Lu Man.

You already pacified him for most of your life, why cant you persist with it now”

Xia Qingyang pursed her lips.

Shed already pretended for most of her life, but that was not her personality at all.

She pretended for decades, which was really insufferable.

Seeing that her status was more secured now, she had to have a bit more freedom.

She wanted to be herself.

She did not want to tire herself out.

“Your dad has already left,” Xia Qingyang said.

“What do you mean” Lu Qi almost stuttered.

“Today is Chinese New Years Eve! What do you mean he left”

“We just had a quarrel.

I dont know where he went.

I… I tried to stop him, but I couldnt.”

“You—” Lu Qi deliberately scared her.

“Arent you afraid that if you do this, you will really push him into another womans embrace The young ladies outside nowadays will stop at nothing for money!”

Wouldnt Xia Qingyang know that best

That was what she did when she was young, or else how did she become Mrs.


“I—” But Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi did not know that, even though Lu Qi just said that in passing, it became prophetic.

Lu Qiyuan drove to another villa.

This property was one hed bought secretly.

Xia Qingyang did not know about it at all.

Every since Xia Qingyang increasingly stopped hiding her original temper until she just could not be bothered to hide it and directly revealed how much of a shrew she was, Lu Qiyuan had started to get more and more tired and disgusted of her and did not want to stay at home.

He might as well buy a villa outside and use the excuse of work to not return home sometimes in order to relax at another villa on his own.

When he entered, all the decorations in the villa, as well as the daily necessities and food, were all prepared, and there was even a helper around.

It was evident that Lu Qiyuan had really not been here for only one or two days.

He completely treated this like his other home.

As it was the New Year, the helper decided to knock off early to go back home for the New Year.

In the end, she saw that Lu Qiyuan actually came over and was very shocked.

“Sir, youre eating here today” Auntie Lin asked.

Lu Qiyuan nodded.

“Is there anything at home”

“There is.

Ill prepare it for you right now,” Auntie Lin immediately said.

Lu Qiyuan nodded.

“After youre done, you can go back earlier.”

“Yes.” Auntie Lin hurried to the kitchen to get busy.

After around an hour, she laid out a table full of dishes.

She thought to herself that rich people were pitiful too.

It was Chinese New Year and yet he was alone.

Auntie Lin felt that if she cooked fewer dishes, it might seem a little too cold and empty.

Anyway, Lu Qiyuan was rich and did not mind, so Auntie Lin prepared a table full of dishes.

It was Chinese New Year.

Even though he was the only one there, at least it would be a pleasant sight for him.

Auntie Lin left after she was done preparing.

Lu Qiyuan was alone, so he took out a few bottles of whiskey and turned on the television, so that there would be some sound in the house.

He then started to drink and eat.

When he was a little drunk, Lu Qiyuans lips curved up into a mocking smile.

He had two wives and two daughters.

Yet in the end, his ex-wife and eldest daughter both treated him like their enemy.

And now, his current wife and second daughter were thinking of ways to scheme against him.

They were just one step away from wanting his life when he was sick!

Lu Qiyuan drank and drank.

Jiang Yujies innocent and gentle face appeared in his mind.

He then took up his phone and called Jiang Yujie.

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