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Chapter 1905: You Were a Mistress Yourself

“Youre pushing all the blame on me now” Xia Qingyang screamed in a sharp voice.

“You know very well how you treated Lu Man yourself.

If Lu Man does not want to acknowledge you, you can only blame yourself.

What has that got to do with me!”

She did constantly badmouth Lu Man, but if Lu Qiyuan really doted on his daughter, whatever she said would have been useless!

Now that Lu Man was powerful and amazing, Lu Qiyuan wanted to use his identity as her biological father to get some pride for himself.

Lu Man refused to entertain him, and even Han Zhuoli was dealing with him both openly and secretly.

All these were the results of his own doing!

“If you still want to live well together with me, just behave well and honestly.

If you dont want to live properly with me anymore, we can just get a divorce!” Lu Qiyuan said harshly.

Xia Qingyang had become even more paranoid and kept cornering him.

She had become even more disgusting and distasteful, and her temper had not toned down after all this while.

He was already stressed enough usually from having to resolve the issues with the company, yet when he came home, there was no one who would treat him gently and nicely.

Furthermore, because of the financial statement, some of the suspicions he had in his heart landed on Xia Qingyang.

All along, he had held the company firmly in his grasp.

Even if the companys profits did not look good, he was still able to manage it to the point where he knew how well the company could maintain itself and would roughly be able to estimate the profits and losses of the company.

It would definitely not be like the result seen in the financial statement.

The only time where he was not able to get a firm hold of the company was during the period when he was hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

After getting discharged, he rested at home for a very long time.

During that period of time, the company was left out of his control.

When he went back again, he always felt that something was amiss.

Up until today.

How could Lu Qiyuan not suspect Xia Qingyang

He even suspected Lu Qi.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi had always been in cahoots together.

When he was sick and hospitalized, the only people who could have pulled tricks in the company were the mother and daughter pair.

Even so, Lu Qiyuan knew that while they might have had that boldness, they might not have the brains to do that.

There must definitely be someone more professional helping them.

As for who it was, Lu Qiyuan also had his guesses.

Even if the two of them wanted to find someone, they would want to find someone close to them, someone they could trust.

They still had the brains to think of this.

Recently, Lu Qi and He Zhengbais relationship seemed to be a little better than before.

So Lu Qiyuan could not help but suspect He Zhengbai.

And even the He family behind him!

He Zhengbai majored in directing.

It was impossible for him to play with things regarding the business field.

There were some things he really could not think too much about, or else the more he thought about it, the scarier it would be.

Lu Qiyuan hoped that he was the one being paranoid.

But he knew very well in his heart that he was definitely not being paranoid.

He hoped that it would be some internal problem within the company and not because of Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi, the two people closest to him, who ganged up with outsiders to scheme against him.

“You even want to divorce me” Xia Qingyang just exploded outright.

“Thats impossible! Lu Qiyuan, tell me honestly, did you get a mistress outside!”

Lu Qiyuan laughed sarcastically and said without thinking, “You are a mistress yourself, yet youre afraid that I have a mistress outside now”

Xia Qingyangs face suddenly turned pale for a moment.

She never expected that Lu Qiyuan would actually say that!

“Its been so many years, yet you actually said that about me.” Xia Qingyang could not help but shake her head.

“Do you still keep Xia Qingwei in your heart You regret it now, dont you”

“Youre really unreasonable!” Lu Qiyuan exploded with rage.

“First you talked about some non-existent woman, then you dragged in Xia Qingwei.

Why dont you reflect on your own behavior Dont tell me your gentleness in the past was all an act Now youre screaming at me every day at home”

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