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Chapter 1884: Making Things Difficult

Many had a favorable impression of Lu Man because she was hard-working, good-natured, and polite.

“Uncle Wu,” Lu Man called out.

“Youre always the earliest to arrive,” Uncle Wu said, smiling.

“I came to take a look around.

Im a rookie, so I dont want others to wait for me.”

Lu Man was Han Zhuolis wife, the future mistress of the Han Family.

Many knew about this, including Uncle Wu.

But knowing was one thing.

He saw how Lu Man was never arrogant or pretentious but rather was treating herself as a rookie and not demanding special privileges, or slacking off because of her position or by using money.

Thus, Uncle Wu really admired Lu Man.

Making sure no one was around, he then waved Lu Man towards him.

Lu Man walked over, intrigued.

Uncle Wu whispered to her, “You gotta be careful.

Theres this Wu Jingli in your performing team whos against you.

Shes considered a senior in the theater industry, and shes leading a few greenhorns who form part of her clique.

They were discussing how to make you back off.

I dont know what theyre planning, but it probably wont be too bad with Director Xu around.

But youve got to take note also.”

Lu Man nodded.

She knew Wu Jingli didnt like her.


Thanks, Uncle Wu.” Lu Man smiled.

“Its nothing.

I cant help you with anything else apart from giving you a heads-up.”

“Still, thanks again, or I wont even know a thing.” Waving goodbye, Lu Man went to the stage area, reading her script silently off-stage and going through the various ways of interpretations shed thought up in the past few days in her mind.

People started trickling in not long after.

The main leads werent here.

They would have a final run-through before the actual performance.

They were skilled actors from the entertainment industry who had plenty more jobs to do, so they clearly couldnt keep practicing here every day.

Lu Man was memorizing her lines when she spotted Wu Jingli and a handful of junior actors enter.

She was surrounded by the three juniors, and though the number was small, they tried hard to create an atmosphere like countless people were fawning over her.

A few other performers in their play entered consecutively.

They saw Lu Man and said their hellos to her.

“You came so early”

“I came early to get a feel of the atmosphere to better get into character,” Lu Man said.

“Plus, its my first time in a stage play, so its better to prepare early.”

“There are so few young actors who are as professional as you nowadays,” a senior in the same play remarked.

The three juniors tagging around Wu Jingli didnt like hearing that.

As if they werent dedicated to their jobs.

Implying that Lu Man came beforehand while they came late.

But they were being narrow-minded.

It was simply an obsevation.

There were plenty of unprofessional and undedicated young actors within the industry, yet they chose to see the comment as pertaining to themselves.

“Everyones here!” Xu Jiashan strode over, smiling.

“Director Xu,” they chimed in greeting.

“This time, well go through the parts separately in detail, without transition.

Each of you will run through with your partners scene-by-scene,” Xu Jiashan said.

Coincidentally, Lu Mans first scene was opposite Wu Jingli.

Everyone left to prepare, and one of the junior actors tagging behind Wu Jingli, called Sun Xiutong, whispered to Wu Jingli, “Teacher Wu, can she match your acting Youll have to show her whats called real acting.”

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