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Chapter 1879: Dont Want to Talk to Him

Shi Xiaoya felt that no matter what, that was still his father.

If he told her that so bluntly, would it really be fine

However, it was impossible for Shi Xiaoya to not care at all.

No matter what, if Han Dongping could accept her, it would save a lot of trouble.

But with Han Zhuolings warning beforehand, Shi Xiaoya was mentally prepared because she knew now.

Deep down, Han Zhuoling really hoped that Han Dongping would not be around today.

But he was bringing his girlfriend home, so even if the whole family did not want to see Han Dongping, they could not possibly really kick Han Dongping aside.

Both of them set off for the Han Familys home.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had arrived very early and accompanied the two elders to wait.

“How are your preparations for that play of yours coming along” Han Xijin asked.

“I already received the script and will officially go to the theater to start rehearsals tomorrow.

I have a show at B City before the Lunar New Year, and its the only show before the New Year.

If you all have time then, you can all come along to watch.

No matter what, I will reserve the tickets first,” Lu Man said, smiling.

“We are free, we must be free,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Anyway, before the Lunar New Year, the company isnt very busy, right”

As he was busy with work, Han Xijin had probably only attended one-third of all of Lu Mans events that Shen Nuo attended.

But as long as he had the time, Han Xijin would go and support her.

“I want to go and watch too.” Lin Liye smiled and said, “I must support you.”

Ever since Lu Man formally met Lin Liye, as long as there was an activity that Lu Man was participating in, Lin Liye would definitely follow Old Mrs.

Han and Shen Nuo so they could go and support Lu Man together.

“Were not busy before the New Year.

This is the first time Lu Man is acting in a stage play.

If I can watch Lu Man perform live, I will definitely have to be there to support no matter what,” Han Xijin said.

Han Dongping scoffed beside Lin Liye.

Lin Liye did not even want to talk to him.

The two of them had stopped living together a long time ago.

She and her two sons were living so peacefully together.

Shed already thought things through.

Han Zhuoling looked like he was about to get married soon too.

It was rare that he met Shi Xiaoya, a person whom Han Zhuoling actually liked.

Given her sons character, it was rare that he actually liked someone, so he would not change his mind easily.

Marrying Shi Xiaoya was a given.

She did not intend to disrupt Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas life after marriage either.

Only when two lovebirds were in their own world could they bear a grandson or granddaughter for her sooner.

When she had nothing to do nowadays, she would go around looking at houses, thinking of searching for a nice marital home for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya beforehand.

She felt that a villa was still better.

If that did not work out, she and Zhuofeng can move to the villa next to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Everyone would live nearby but not under the same roof.

That would be the best.

Recently, she had set her sights on a particular villa and felt that it was pretty good.

Its just perfect that Han Zhuoling was coming back today.

She wanted to discuss it together with him.

This was to say that Lin Liye had not seen Han Dongping for a very long time already and did not contact him in that time either.

But since Han Zhuoling was going to bring Shi Xiaoya back today, Han Dongping naturally came as well.

No one could stop him from coming.

But they were afraid that he would treat Shi Xiaoya as he treated Lu Man, giving her a nasty attitude.

Up until now, whenever Han Dongping saw Lu Man, his attitude remained ambiguous.

But because Han Dongping was merely an Uncle to her, Lu Man really was not bothered by Han Dongpings attitude.

If Han Dongping did not want to interact with her, she could just ignore Han Dongping as well.

It was more difficult for Shi Xiaoya.

No matter what, Han Dongping would be her father-in-law in the future.

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