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Chapter 1874: What Did You Call Me

It was so thin that he almost could not hold her.

Shi Xiaoya saw that he was almost about to curl into a ball like that and even felt tired for him.

Han Zhuoling burrowed his face in her soft abdomen.

Shi Xiaoya did not like to work out.

Aside from work, when she was at home usually, she would just not stand if she could sit, and just not sit if she could lie down.

Over her dead body would she go and work out.

So although her abdomen was flat, she did not have muscles, so it was soft.

The moment Han Zhuoling burrowed into it, he felt that it was soft and comfortable.

“I feel really dizzy.

I want to sleep for a while.” As Han Zhuoling said that, he buried his face in her abdomen and bumped against it.

Her waist was thin, her abdomen flat, but it was just so soft that it made people feel comfortable.

“Then you shouldnt sleep here,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“If you curl up like this, how uncomfortable will it be.”

Han Zhuoling turned around and rested on her lap as he stared at her and said, “If not here, am I supposed to sleep in your room”

Although there were three rooms at home, Shi Xiaoya lived alone and did not invite people for stayovers.

So when designing the rooms, she turned one room into a study and another into the dressing room.

The only room that people could stay in was the main bedroom, which was Shi Xiaoyas.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya suddenly turned quiet, Han Zhuoling was stunned for a moment.

His face immediately lit up and said, “Let me sleep in your room, okay”

Shi Xiaoyas face flushed red as she said, “Anyway, my room is the only bedroom in my house.”

Han Zhuoling could not help but laugh.

He hugged her and said, “Why are you so nice”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Letting him sleep in her room was her being nice

Why was this man so easily satisfied

Being wrapped around like that by him, even though she was looking down at him, she still felt an indescribable intimacy to it.

Shi Xiaoya patted him awkwardly and said, “Okay, dont keep yourself curled up here.

Dont you find it uncomfortable”

Hence, Han Zhuolings hands that were wrapped around her waist moved to wrap around her neck.

His face shamelessly bumped upwards from her small abdomen and said, “Pull me up.

I have no strength left now.”

Shi Xiaoya looked at him, and he did not look like he had no strength left.

He looked more like he was acting cute.

Usually, she would never have thought so, and she had never gone and wondered how he would look like if he acted cute.

Because things like acting cute just did not go together with Han Zhuoling.

But now that she saw it personally, she also felt that it looked quite natural and was not that unusual.

Han Zhuoling just leaned on Shi Xiaoyas body, his elbows hugging her shoulders, as Shi Xiaoya helped him into the room.

Shi Xiaoya let Han Zhuoling lie on the bed while she took out his pajamas from the cupboard.

Shi Xiaoya smiled unwittingly.

She really did not expect that even though he had only just left these things behind, it would be put to use so soon.

Shi Xiaoya stuffed the pajamas into Han Zhuolings arms and said, “Change into your pajamas first before you sleep, then you can sleep more comfortably.”

Han Zhuoling struggled to sit up.

His long, slender fingers started unbuttoning his shirt one by one, looking a little dazed.

He looked really tired out.

Shi Xiaoya quickly went out for now.

Han Zhuoling was changing his clothes and unbuttoning in a daze.

He did not even tell her first.

Luckily, the first thing he did was not to take off his pants.

Even so, after Shi Xiaoya went out, her face was still heated and warm.

After ten minutes, Shi Xiaoya estimated and felt that Han Zhuoling should have changed out by now.

She went to knock on the door a few times and asked outside the door, “Hey you, are you done changing”

She did not hear Han Zhuolings reply for a long while.

Shi Xiaoya was thinking that it was strange when she heard Han Zhuolings voice say, “What did you call me”

This little girl.

Every time she felt embarrassed to call him by his name, she would just replace it with “you.”

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