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Shi Xiaoya: “…”

This is the first time you visited and you already want to discuss the wedding date What are you doing! 

Afraid that Shi Guanzhong would agree just like that, Shi Nancang quickly took over and said, “What a thing to do right now! Were all drinking, yet after youve had a drink too much, you suddenly talk about discussing the wedding date Youre treating this like a joke! What do you treat Xiaoya as For you to mention this matter jokingly under such circumstances”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

The way her brother caught this opportunity was really too awesome.

Han Zhuoling did not have such an intention at all.

How could he possibly treat Shi Xiaoya frivolously

He just followed Shi Guanzhongs line of conversation and replied accordingly.

It was proper and fitting.

There was absolutely no intention of treating it like a joke.

Because he was actually not drunk and was very alert.

But after Shi Nancang said that, Han Zhuoling also felt that it was not right.

He quickly explained to Shi Xiaoya, “I didnt mean to slight you.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled as she shook her head.

“I know.”

Shi Nancang shook his head in disappointment and resignation and said, “What do you know and what makes you think you know”

Shi Xiaoya puffed her cheeks and scoffed.

She would not be provoked like that.

At this moment, Han Zhuoling said, “It is indeed improper for me to bring this up at this time.”

When Du Yiqin heard him say that, she felt even more pleased with him.

Han Zhuoling was heard saying right after that, “Why dont our families gather together tomorrow and discuss this matter”

Shi Nancang: “…”

He was too young and was not experienced enough, so he could not tell that there were people who were evil by nature.

He did not expect Han Zhuoling to be so thick-skinned as to actually continue the topic to this extent!

Shi Xiaoya also did not expect that after only a few days of dating, he was already going for marriage now.

Who would get married so fast like this

It sounded unreliable just from hearing it.

Du Yiqin felt so too.

No matter how pleased she was with Han Zhuoling, she had never thought of letting Shi Xiaoya marry him straight away after theyd been dating only for a few days.

Whether the two of them were compatible did not just depend on material conditions.

More importantly, they had to match each other in mind and spirit.

Their personality would have to match, as well as their three views1.

After spending a long time together, they would be able to accept each others issues.

Only then could they indeed walk into marriage together.

Lest they get married on impulse and only realize after marriage that there were many things that were different from what they had imagined.

Be it for Han Zhuoling or Shi Xiaoya, it would not be good.

“This is too hasty,” Shi Nancang said.

He could not depend on Shi Guanzhong.

Hed already had too much to drink, so it was considered not bad already if he did not help the wrong side right now.

Shi Nancang could only look to Du Yiqin.

Du Yiqin also smiled and said, “There is indeed no need to rush this.”

Du Yiqin thought about it and said, “Its going to be the New Year soon.

There are many things to do before the New Year, so no matter what, it will be too rushed.

Why dont we do it after the New Year”

Shi Nancang: “…”

Shi Nancang had question marks all over his face.

Mom, are you serious

You didnt drink, so why are you speaking as if you drank as well

I asked you for help, not for you to quickly marry my younger sister off!

Du Yiqin ignored Shi Nancangs desperate look and smiled kindly at Han Zhuoling as she said, “Why dont we do it within the next year after the New Year”

Anyway, now was really not a good time to talk about proper matters, so Han Zhuoling did not insist anymore.

It was really too rushed to do it before the New Year.

So he nodded and said, “Sure.”

Afraid that Han Zhuoling would say something more about taking his younger sister away, Shi Nancang quickly filled Han Zhuolings glass and said, “Come, come, drink up, drink up!”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Her older brother was indeed no match for Han Zhuoling.

Shi Nancang felt melancholic deep down.

After going through a few rounds with Han Zhuoling, he had never won once.

Han Zhuoling had so many tricks up his sleeve that it almost made people develop an intense phobia of him.

How could his younger sister be a match for him like this

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