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Chapter 1860: We Disapprove

Shi Xiaoya wouldnt mind, but her parents, and any other parents, might.

If Shi Xiaoya knew of his thoughts, she wouldve chided him for overthinking.

Couldnt he see how eligible he was

Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoyas hand with one hand and gripped the steering wheel with the other, not saying much.

He knew that Shi Xiaoya found him perfect in every way.

Because of this, unknowingly, Han Zhuoling became smug again.

Not long after, they reached the Shi familys front gate.


Shi, Du Yiqin, stood by the French windows and craned her neck to look outside.

Shi Xiaoyas father, Shi Guanzhong, poured himself a cup of tea.

“Stop looking.

The walls outside are so high, you cant even spot them even if theyve arrived.

Youve been staring at our walls for this past hour.

Is it that interesting”

Du Yiqin pursed her lips and pointed at the teacup in front of him.

“Fine, you arent anxious and nervous, but its only been over two hours ever since you got out of bed and youve already drunk two pots of tea.

I dare you to not go to the toilet.

Have fun holding it in!”

Shi Guanzhong: “…”

However, Du Yiqin finally stopped standing by the window.

She sat next to Shi Guanzhong.

“Say, who is Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend, exactly She wouldnt say, and Nancang wouldnt tell us either when asked.”

“Its because Xiaoya didnt allow me to.” Shi Nancang walked out of the study room.

Shi Xiaoya was bringing Han Zhuoling home today.

That was why Shi Nancang came back home to stay so he wouldnt have to wake up early.

He went to the study room to work after waking this morning.

Because he already knew Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend was Han Zhuoling, Shi Nancang wasnt the least bit anxious or curious.

He was the calmest one in the house.

“Really, Xiaoya, this child, telling you but not us, and even keeping it a secret from us,” Du Yiqin grumbled.

Shi Nancang doted on his sister and immediately leaped to her defense.

“Mom, youre really wronging her right now.

Theyve only officially dated for a few days this week.

The moment they started dating, shes already bringing him over for you to meet.

See how she values you both!”

Du Yiqin indeed became mollified.

“Alright, Im merely worried.

Shes not spoken a word, not even a blip on how old he is, what his work is, or from which family he is, and she wont even show us a picture.

Im worried that hes someone we would have disapproved of if shed told us earlier.”

The hand pouring the tea shook.

Shi Guanzhong shared a similar concern.

“Mom, if Xiaoya thought hes not good, why would she bring him home so quickly They only started dating a few days ago and shes already daring to bring him home.

That means shes clearly confident in him! If shes afraid youll disapprove, shed have hidden him away!”

“Thats true.” Remembering that Shi Nancang had met him, Du Yiqin quickly asked, “And what do you think”

“I…” The doorbell rang just as Shi Nancang opened his mouth.

“It must be Xiaoya!” Du Yiqin jumped up and smoothed her clothes.

“I look fine like this, right”

“Perfect,” Shi Nancang replied.

The helper switched on the intercom and, seeing Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling standing in front of the door through the screen, was momentarily speechless.

“Who is it Did you see” Du Yiqin walked towards her.

The helper opened the door.

As Du Yiqin walked over, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling had already entered the door.

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