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Chapter 1858: Since Its Already Open, Why Dont…

“Huh” Shi Xiaoya did not register her actions.

Han Zhuoling indicated with his eyes.

“Youre divesting my clothes.”

Shi Xiaoya followed his gaze and saw that she had already undone two of his buttons at his navel!

When did this happen!

“I… I didnt know,” Shi Xiaoya explained stutteringly.

“It wasnt on purpose!”

Han Zhuoling snickered, his voice indescribably sexy, smooth, and clear, like pearls rolling on a jade plate.

“I… Ill button you up!” Shi Xiaoya quickly said and did so.

But her movements were stopped by Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya was confused, but his words came after, “Since its already opened, why dont you touch it before buttoning up”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Who said anything about touching!

She didnt!

However, the urge to touch grew after hearing Han Zhuolings words.

Honestly, she hadnt seen how Han Zhuoling looked underneath his clothes.

He merely revealed his shoulders when video-calling yesterday.

That didnt count as having a look at all.

Her thoughts ran wild when Han Zhuoling grabbed her hand and had her undo another button.

She slid her hands through the gap.

Her fingertips brushed below his navel.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt get an exact feel if he had abs because she was too nervous.

It was hard as if she touched a brick wall.

Slowly, under Han Zhuolings guidance, her palm flattened on his abdomen.

And she finally felt the outlines of his abs clearly.

Shi Xiaoyas hands trembled and retreated, but she was forced to stay still by Han Zhuolings hands.

“Your hands are so soft.” Han Zhuoling sighed.

So soft was her touch, he almost couldnt hold it in.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt speak in her embarrassment, and even breathing was difficult.

Her fingertips moved; not on purpose, but because of her nerves.

She didnt want to.

But the action meant that she touched him.

Han Zhuoling was regretting his decision to tease her now.

The one currently suffering was him.

He was so tempted to throw her onto the bed.

Holding her soft hands, he finally retracted them from underneath his shirt.

If he hadnt, he wouldve dragged them downwards instead.

He didnt wish to scare her.

Han Zhuolings whole body was stiff.

He took a deep breath and quickly did up his buttons.

“I better get going, its late,” he said.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Han Zhuoling took out the clothes from the luggage and considered, “Ill send these for washing and return them next time.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”


Young Master Han wasnt bothering to put on an act anymore after his true colors were revealed.

Sending the clothes for washing and bringing them back here clearly meant putting them here.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Han Zhuoling placed his usual cleaning products, including daily necessities like shavers, in Shi Xiaoyas toilet.

The rest was brought home with his luggage.

Shi Xiaoya sent him to the door, and Han Zhuoling looked at her, tapping his lips.

“No farewell kiss”

Didnt they just kiss for so long Was that not enough Shi Xiaoya thought.

She stood on tiptoes and quickly pecked him on the lips.

Just then, the lift opened and Shi Xiaoya watched him enter.

The doors closed and she went to the balcony, watching his car leave.

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