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Chapter 1852: Whos the Girlfriend

Who knew that they would not even need to beat around the bush.

When Tong Chunian heard, he just said, “Ah, its not given to Young Master Ling by someone else.”

The female colleagues thought that Tong Chunian was not telling the truth.

They were just about to say something when they heard Tong Chunian speak again.

“Young Master Ling specially ordered it to give to his girlfriend.”

Everyone: “!!!”

“Young Master Ling actually has a girlfriend”

The iron tree has bloomed!

This news is explosive!

This was such an explosive news, yet Tong Chunian actually revealed it so easily

Everyone felt that it was a little suspicious.

They did not know that Tong Chunian had grasped Han Zhuolings intentions early on.

When Han Zhuoling was in love, he did not intend to hide it from others.

He even hated that he could not just take a trumpet out and parade around to show it off.

Or else, he could clearly have bought the flowers after leaving office when he passed by the florist.

But he had to make the deliveryman from the flower shop deliver the flowers over first.

Wasnt it just because he wanted to parade it around the company

He could not guess the deeper thoughts Han Zhuoling had, but for this kind of obvious matters, as Han Zhuolings assistant of many years, Tong Chunian could still understand it clearly.

Han Zhuoling hated that Tong Chunian could not just tell everyone he met about it.

Hence, Tong Chunian did not hide it either.

“Yeah.” Tong Chunian nodded.

“That doesnt sound right.

Why did you tell us so easily this time”

“Theres no need for me to hide this anyway.

Young Master Ling did not say it was confidential.

I was the one who ordered those flowers from the florist.” Tong Chunian laughed and wiggled his finger at them.

The group came closer towards him.

Tong Chunian then said, “This is also not the first time Young Master Ling is giving flowers.

Previously, Young Master Ling always let Xiao Zhang send it.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Xiao Zhang.

Hed been sending them for so long, and now, Young Master Ling has finally confirmed his relationship with the girl, so he quickly brought the flowers over openly now.”

Everyone looked spellbound.

They did not expect Han Zhuoling to have this side to him.

“Then who is Young Master Lings girlfriend”

Tong Chunian smirked and said, “I cant say this though.”

“Hey, I cant believe you.

You even told us that Young Master Ling has a girlfriend.

Do you really need to hide the identity of his girlfriend”

“Its not that I dont want to say it.

On this matter, although Young Master Ling didnt tell me about this, based on my experience being Young Master Lings assistant for so many years, Young Master Ling definitely wants to announce it himself, so I wont talk too much on his behalf.” Tong Chunian laughed and said, “Young Master Ling doesnt intend to hide it, so I think you will all find out soon.”

Any more than that, no matter how they asked, Tong Chunian simply refused to say any more.

Everyone felt helpless.


Shi Xiaoya had been in her office the whole day and did not have any external work to attend to.

She quickly handled all the work that shed left behind for the past few days when she was not around.

The production crew she followed along previously had already aired its drama.

And the popularity was very high.

It was constantly being watched by netizens every day, and the reputation of the show spread widely.

The show made it on hot search topics every day.

From the color schemes to the makeup, and from the plot to the acting, everything was involved.

Shi Xiaoya focused her search on the parts concerning makeup to see the netizens comments.

As she was looking at it, Shi Xiaoya got a little distracted.

She recalled how this morning when she was preparing to go to work, she came out to the living room and saw that Han Zhuolings luggage was still in her house.

Shi Xiaoya then recalled that Han Zhuoling did not take his suitcase away after they went to eat with Shi Nancang yesterday.

Although he came back to her house after that, given the situation then, no one remembered the luggage issue.

In the end, Han Zhuolings luggage had just been left in the living room of her home.

Han Zhuolings daily necessities and clothes were still inside.

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