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Chapter 1848: Hated That He Could Not Appear Right Before Her Right Now

“Mom.” Lin Liye quickly cut her off, or else Old Mrs.

Han would spoil the show for her.

She was simply filled with bad intentions.

Old Mrs.

Han replied, “Oh,” sounding very reluctant.

Lin Liyes reaction was quite fast.

“Mom, I have good news for you.

Joyous good news!” Lin Liye was even more excited now than when they were talking about the drama plot.

“Huh” The moment Old Mrs.

Han heard this, she seemed to have sensed some gossip and immediately felt energized.

“What joyous news”

“Zhuoling… Zhuoling, he!” Lin Liye was so excited that she was stuttering.

“Zhuoling and Xiaoya are officially together now.

He is also someone who has a girlfriend now!”

“Aiyo!” Old Mrs.

Han slapped a thigh hard in excitement.

It hurt Old Mr.

Han so much that he gasped slightly.

Old Mrs.

Han still had not sensed anything wrong.

She slapped her thigh but did not feel anything, meaning she had actually slapped Old Mr.

Hans thigh instead.

“When did this happen” Old Mrs.

Han asked excitedly.

“I only heard it just now too, so I immediately called you.

Didnt Zhuoling go and film for a show two days ago He went together with Xiaoya,” Lin Liye said proudly.

“This child, hes really too awesome! I thought that he would just keep to himself and not say anything.

Who knew that when he went this time, hed straight away confess to Xiaoya.”

“Ive known long ago that Xiaoya definitely likes him,” Old Mrs.

Han said, smiling.

“But if he didnt say it, the girl would feel shy.

What if she misunderstood But thats all good now.”


And they even decided that this Saturday, they will go and visit Xiaoyas parents,” Lin Liye said.

“I can tell that Xiaoyas older brother and parents dote on her especially.

So now that she has a boyfriend, shell quickly bring him home to give her family members peace of mind.”

From Old Mrs.

Hans words, Old Mr.

Han could roughly guess what was going on, and he immediately perked up his ears.

On Han Zhuolings end, hed finally explained things clearly to Lin Liye and went back to his bedroom.

The auntie at home had already adjusted the temperature of the water for him.

Han Zhuoling took his phone as he stepped into the bathtub.

When everything was ready, he then calmly opened up WeChat again and sent a video call invite to Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya did not receive Han Zhuolings message for a long time, so she could only wait for it.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang, and she saw that it was a video call invite.

Shi Xiaoya then turned on the lights and sat up.

She propped up the pillow and bolster, leaned against the soft fluffiness, and then picked up the call.

She thought that Han Zhuoling was done washing up, and that was why he sent her a video call.

Alas, the moment the screen brightened up, she saw Han Zhuolings nude chest.

Shi Xiaoya shut her eyes reflexively.

Han Zhuolings soft chuckle echoed out from her phone.

It was so alluring, it tickled her ears and chest.

Shi Xiaoya carefully lifted her eyelids, and then slowly opened her eyes.

“Why are you being shy Its not like I revealed parts that I shouldnt reveal.” Han Zhuoling chuckled softly as he spoke.

He did actually want to reveal it for Shi Xiaoya to have a look, though.

But saying it out loud made him sound like a pervert.

Only then did Shi Xiaoya notice that his voice sounded echoey, as if he was in the bathroom.

The background looked like a bathroom as well.

“Youre in the bathroom now” Shi Xiaoya asked.


I just reached home, and Im having a bath now,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“I told my mom about the two of us just now.

She is very happy.”

Shi Xiaoya bit her lip, smiling especially mischievously.

Looking at it made Han Zhuoling aroused, and he hated that he could not appear right before her now.

He really wanted to pinch her nose, then her cheeks, and then kiss her.

“I also told my parents that I will bring my boyfriend home this Saturday.” Shi Xiaoya flashed a sly smile and said, “But I didnt say its you.

I just said I was going to bring my boyfriend and didnt say anything else.”

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