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Chapter 1846: Left It at My Girlfriends House

Actually, it was not very late now.

It was only around 9 PM.

Han Zhuofeng was lately following a production team to learn alongside Sun Yiwu, so he was not at home either.

Lin Liye was the only one at home.

She recently got hooked on a drama series, which was one of the rare, comparatively decent shows in recent years.

Shed learned of it a little later, and it was Old Mrs.

Han whod introduced it to her.

She had yet to watch until the latest episode, so she had been staying up late every night to watch episode after episode of it, and it was almost impossible for her to stop.

“What time was your flight Why did you only come back now” Lin Liye asked in passing.

She wondered if she saw it wrongly, but it seemed as if Han Zhuoling looked a little smug right after she asked that question.

Lin Liye thought to herself that it was impossible.

This son of hers was scarily mature.

He never had the dynamism of his peers since he was young.

When they were young, Han Zhuoli took Han Zhuofeng to climb up the house and uncover roof tiles.

Han Zhuoling followed along to teach and protect his two younger brothers.

He behaved like an old man all the time.

When he grew a little older, it got even worse.

Anyway, from a young age, she had never seen him lose his cool before.

Lin Liye just felt that it was definitely an illusion of hers.

She then heard Han Zhuoling say, “I came back at around 3, quite some time before 4 PM.”

“Then you went straight to the office” Lin Liye seemed to have gotten it at once.

“Eh, wait, thats not right.” Lin Liye looked around and asked, “Then wheres your luggage”

The corners of Han Zhuolings lips curved up before he retracted the smile immediately.

But he could not help it, and he curved his lips up again before retracting the smile again.

He did this so many times that Lin Liye thought he got facial cramps.

“I say, whats going on with the corners of your lips” Lin Liye stared at Han Zhuoling suspiciously.

Something was off.

Something was way too off.

Han Zhuolings expression and demeanor looked extremely lively today.

Han Zhuoling felt really happy and smug.

He wanted to laugh out loud.

But given his long-time habits and practice of self-control, it made him unable to do such big expressions.

Hence, his current facial-cramp-like smile.

Han Zhuoling cleared his throat and acted all nonchalant as he said, “I left it at my girlfriends house.”

“Oh.” Lin Liye nodded, then turned to go back to continue watching her drama.

The moment she took a step out, she suddenly stopped short.

Lin Liye spun around immediately, almost spraining her back.

“What did you say” Lin Liye asked with an utterly shocked expression.

“I said, I left it at my girlfriends house.” Han Zhuoling felt extremely proud, and his tone even carried a hint of arrogance when he said it.

Unexpectedly, Lin Liye suddenly took a step back and said, “Your girlfriend What girlfriend Youre flirting with Xiaoya on the one hand and turned around to look for a girlfriend the next moment Thats not right! Youre too much!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

What on earth was his mother watching nowadays She actually came up with an imaginary drama on her own.

Hed wanted to show off a little.

Who knew Lin Liye would go off-topic

“My girlfriend is Xiaoya.

How could there be anyone else Besides looking for her, who else would I look for” Han Zhuoling said in exasperation.

“Eh” Lin Liye suddenly got excited and grabbed Han Zhuolings elbow.

“Youre saying, you are officially dating Xiaoya now”

Seeing that Lin Liye finally got it, Han Zhuoling nodded with a smile.

He sent her back after getting off the plane and forgot to take his luggage back after leaving it there.

“Whats going on You stayed at her place all this while and did not go to the office” Lin Liye asked in astonishment.

The sun was really rising from the West now!

“Not exactly.

But I did stay with her.” Han Zhuoling explained, “We had a meal with her brother earlier.”

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