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Chapter 1836: Roundabout Manner

That was why she looked to another person for comfort.

She was at fault, but she was not to blame either.

Her tragedy had all been caused by Han Zhuoling.

Hence, from Xia Yixins mouth, many people learned that Han Zhuoling had had zero feelings for her.

But exactly how many people sympathized with Xia Yixin, that would be hard to say.

Hence, when Han Zhuoling said that, Shi Nancang also believed him.

But he was still a little worried.

Right now, Han Zhuoling had fallen in love with a woman for the very first time.

Which was to say, he did not know how to love someone yet.

This was his first time, so he had no experience.

There could be a lot of friction between him and Shi Xiaoya, causing Shi Xiaoya to suffer because of it.

Perhaps both of them might still break up in the end.

And this relationship would become Han Zhuolings experience.

It could turn into that situation where a woman trains her boyfriend well, only for him to turn to pamper other women instead.

It was like sewing a wedding dress for another woman for free.

However, there was of course another kind of possibility.

For a man like that who had never been moved before, the moment his heart fell in love, he would be most loyal and pamper you to the skies.

Exactly which one it would be, Shi Nancang did not know either.

But as this concerned his own younger sister, Shi Nancang felt especially troubled and hesitant.

“Even if you dont believe me, you should believe Xiaoyas taste.” When Han Zhuoling was saying this, he even sounded a little proud.

Shi Xiaoya had such good taste, falling in love with him!

Shi Nancang: “…”

He had a feeling Han Zhuoling was trying to praise himself in a roundabout manner.

“Brother, just trust me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I… really like him.”

Shi Nancang sighed.

Besides the fact that Han Zhuoling was too much of a workaholic, and that his personality was a little cold, his character was still quite trustworthy overall.

It was just that Han Zhuoling was really such a sly old fox.

Shi Xiaoya really could not compare to him.

She would definitely only be bullied by him.

Yet Shi Xiaoya herself did not have much of a strong personality.

Shi Nancang was just afraid that his younger sister would suffer.

If the other party was Shen Shian, who was his friend, and both their families were on par, he could still stand up for Shi Xiaoya.

No matter what, Shen Shian would not dare to bully Shi Xiaoya.

But when it came to Han Zhuoling, who knew how much Shi Xiaoya would have to suffer!

Just when Shi Nancang was thinking about that, he heard Shi Xiaoya say, “In the past, work had always come first for him, but now, I am number one.”

Shi Nancang: “…”

He had a complicated look on his face.

Whoever says that on their own, shes really not afraid of embarrassment!

Arent you scared that Han Zhuoling will laugh at you!

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoling actually smiled with a look of clear satisfaction and said, “Yes.”

“We came back at past 3 in the afternoon today, but he didnt even go to the office.” Shi Xiaoya placed her elbows on the table and cupped her chin as she said with a smiley look on her face, “Because he wanted to accompany me, he did not even go to work anymore.

He will only go back to the company tomorrow.”

Shi Nancang: “…”

Looking at his younger sisters silly look really made his heart feel tired.

But, seeing Han Zhuolings reaction, he clearly felt that even this silly look of Shi Xiaoyas was the best.

He was smiling at Shi Xiaoya right now.

Seriously… When was Han Zhuoling ever seen smiling so gently before!

Let alone in this manner, even an ordinary smile was rare to see coming from him.

Shi Nancang suddenly recalled that, just in this short period of time, Han Zhuoling had already smiled unusually often.

When he heard Shi Xiaoya say all those things just then, actually, he felt very shocked in his mind too.

He never thought that Han Zhuoling would really push his work to second place.

But at least he could tell that Shi Xiaoyas position in his heart now was indeed higher than his work.

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