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Chapter 1828: The World Is Changing

“Even when you look at it, you still cant quite believe it, that such a fortunate thing would actually happen to you.

You cant even sleep, afraid that when you wake up, youd realize that its only just a dream.

From time to time, you will want to look at it and confirm that it really does exist, and it really did happen.”

“Even then, you still wont feel secure, because you just feel that such a good thing cant possibly belong to you.” Before Shi Xiaoya could even finish, her lips had been kissed by Han Zhuoling.

“I didnt know that in your eyes, I am actually so good,” Han Zhuoling said.

“You are the same to me.

Thats why I wanted to come over, to hug you, so that I will feel at ease.

Because I am afraid that you will leave, afraid that you will suddenly change your mind and realize that I am actually not worthy of you.

Afraid that you will realize that, actually, you dont really like me that much.”

Shi Xiaoya gaped.

She did not expect that Han Zhuoling would have such moments of self-doubt.

“Im not that good, not something thats encased within a glass box, that you can see but not touch,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice, his palm resting on the back of Shi Xiaoyas waist, where that curve was, and gently, slowly rubbing against it.

“Im just a normal person, with weaknesses and bad habits here and there, and a little bad temper as well.” Han Zhuoling chuckled.

“Saying such things now seem to be quite useless.

Once weve spent a long time together, you will have noticed it.”

“I am actually afraid that when you notice these things, you will get tired of me,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“I wont.”

Those small habits, and not bothering about the little details, everyone would have some of that.

When two people are together, wont they have to accommodate each other on these things

“Sleep,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Youre very tired today.

The journey back tomorrow will be tiring too.”


Good night.” Shi Xiaoya was really tired and did not take a long time to fall asleep like yesterday.

The moment she said that, she closed her eyes and fell asleep because she was tired.

Han Zhuoling could not help but laugh.

This girl, what was she saying about how she couldnt believe whats happening

She was sleeping so soundly.

The next day, when Shi Xiaoya woke up, Han Zhuoling actually had not left.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Han Zhuolings sleeping face, his eyes still closed.

Shi Xiaoya did not turn around and could only try her best to stretch her elbow backward.

She finally found her phone and saw the time.

“Why do you keep moving around” Han Zhuoling finally awoke from her movements.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that they clearly just got together, so why did Han Zhuoling make it sound like they were an old couple

“Quick, get up.

We have to go to the airport in Ning City.” Seeing that he was awake, Shi Xiaoya immediately urged him.

“Or else we wont make it in time!”

Actually, it was Han Zhuolings private jet.

Even if they were really late, the plane would still be there and they could just rearrange another time for take-off.

Even so, Shi Xiaoya still wanted to return to B City as soon as possible.

Han Zhuoling did not want to wake up and planted a kiss on her lips before getting up.

He returned to his room to pack.

Not long after, both of them were done packing.

They went to the hotels cafeteria to eat some light breakfast and went to meet up with Tong Chunian and Guo Yujie to go to the airport at Ning City together.

It was already 3:30 PM in the afternoon when they reached B City.

Han Zhuolings car had been parked at the airport all this while.

Tong Chunian and Guo Yujie were on the same wavelength and did not go and be gooseberries along with the two of them.

Tong Chunian very gentlemanly sent Guo Yujie home.

Shi Xiaoya got on Han Zhuolings car.

They went back to Shi Xiaoyas home together.

When she saw that Han Zhuoling did not intend to leave, Shi Xiaoya asked, “Arent you going back to the company”

“I wont go to the company today,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

This man was actually not going back to work immediately.

The world was really changing.

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