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Chapter 1825: A Seamless Show of Affection

Shi Xiaoya quickly placed her stone and smiled excitedly, “I won!”

When she looked up, she saw Han Zhuoling smiling at her, a warm and contented look in his eyes.

Shi Xiaoyas heart skipped a beat.

“Dont tell me you purposely let me win”


I didnt notice it,” Han Zhuoling said, smiling.

“No.” Shi Xiaoya was still very confident in Han Zhuoling.

“Could you lose at this Thats impossible.

You couldnt have possibly missed seeing through the trap Id set with that stone.

You definitely let me win on purpose.”

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Anyway, the chances of me coming to film for the show will be fewer next time.

I dont know if you will become a regular guest on the show, but who knows, right If you become a regular guest, its better if you win this time.”

Shi Xiaoya would not coyly turn down Han Zhuolings gracious act.

He willingly gave in to her like this because he wanted to let her win and make her happy.

He was also making plans for her future considerately.

Furthermore, giving in to his own girlfriend and letting his girlfriend win against him, what a pampering thing it was to do.

Why would she insist on competing with her own boyfriend

Since she knew she could not win against him—and that he was willing to give in to her and make her happy—that would be very good as well.

Why would she need to be so serious with her own boyfriend

The subtext in Han Zhuolings actions was that, how could I let my girlfriend lose

Someone who had never been soft-hearted towards his opponents and who had beaten everyone else while passing all the rounds—a man who had simply never lost—actually made such a decision when pitted against her.

It was totally inconsistent with his usual behavior.

Shi Xiaoya instantly felt as if she was in ancient times wherein the king was trying to elicit a smile from a beauty.

And she was that beauty.

As for Han Zhuoling, he would naturally be the king, no explanations needed.

“Youre not happy that I let you win” Han Zhuoling asked.

But judging from her reaction, it did not seem like she was unhappy either.

“No.” Shi Xiaoya smiled til her eyes could not be seen.

“Im happy that youre giving in to me!”

Shi Xiaoya stared at him with a bright smile.

“How does it feel like when you dont dare to win against your own girlfriend”

“It feels pretty good,” Han Zhuoling said and chuckled.

It could be said that he was radiant with delight.

Shi Xiaoya reminded the director, “Director, please edit this part out afterward.”

“Why is there a need to edit it” Han Zhuoling felt that they were open and upright.

There was nothing scandalous to hide about them.

“We are filming for the show.

This is not appropriate,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Its not that you dont want to acknowledge me” Han Zhuoling asked as he raised his eyebrow.

“Of course not.

Or else I wouldnt be so cooperative with you in front of the director and videographer brother.

I would have hidden in a corner long ago.” Shi Xiaoya pouted a little at him before she said, “I just feel that, if we showed our affection on the show like this, wouldnt it not be very suitable”

Director: “…”

Haha, you both finally realized that!

Both of you have been showing off for two days already, but now you say this

Han Zhuoling finally nodded his head in satisfaction and smiled again.

It was good that she did not intend to hide him.

“You both think too much.” The director smiled wryly as she said that.

“If Young Master Ling doesnt mind that your relationship is revealed through our show, then the editor will edit it freely, but they still have to consider the overall effects of the show.

As for the parts that will be edited out or kept, the editor still has the final say.”

The director thought to herself, in these two days of recording, she had roughly thought over it.

In all the scenes where there were Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, there was none in which they were not holding hands and not showing affection.

Even if they wanted to edit it, they could not, unless they just did not include any scenes with Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuolings seamless show of affection was very good indeed.

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