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Chapter 1823: So Guarded

“Just air it as you should.

Just show that Im not doing the missions because I wanted to go on a date,” Han Zhuoling said.

Cao Jingcheng, who had been following them secretly all along, said to Zhang Xiangyou, “Since Young Master Ling wants to be eliminated so much, why dont we help them”

“So we go and eliminated him” Zhang Xiangyou asked.

“Yeah.” Cao Jingcheng nodded.

“Anyway, Young Master Ling wants to be eliminated already, so we can just go and eliminate him! Anyway, he definitely would not resist.

Look at how hes not doing the missions anymore.”

When Zhang Xiangyou heard that, he thought it was reasonable.


“I just received an item.” Cao Jingcheng took out a glove.

“If you wear this glove and pat a persons shoulder, you will be able to eliminate that person.”

When Zhang Xiangyou heard that, he immediately retreated an arms length away from Cao Jingcheng.

“…” Cao Jingcheng tsked.

“Gosh, this guy.

The two of us have been working together for so long, why do you not trust me at all Is the trust between people so fragile”

“Brother Cao, you are the senior, I still have many experiences to learn from you,” Zhang Xiangyou said as he laughed awkwardly.

Cao Jingcheng acted as if he was going to smack him and said, “You might as well call me a wily old fox!”

Zhang Xiangyou said, “No, I dont dare to.” In actual fact, his expression fully agreed with Cao Jingchengs words.

“Aiyo, you will really be the death of me! Why do the young juniors not know how to respect their seniors nowadays!” Cao Jingcheng said.

“Dont worry, I wont pat your shoulder.”

Zhang Xiangyou clearly did not believe him, and he even took another two steps back.

“…” Cao Jingcheng laughed.

The youngsters nowadays are really so guarded.

“Really, this guy.

Why dont you listen to what I have to say first I didnt get the chance to tell you just now.

My item can only be used once.

It cant be used again after patting one shoulder,” Cao Jingcheng explained.

“Im going to pat Han Zhuolings shoulder now.

Youll be fine.

If you dont believe me, you can walk behind me.”

Zhang Xiangyou thought for a bit and still decided to believe Cao Jingcheng in the end.

The two of them then walked towards Han Zhuoling together.

Han Zhuoling was walking around in an ancient Han Chinese costume shop with Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya was wondering whether they should rent two pieces so that the two of them could take some photos or whatever.

Since they were in an ancient city, the environment was suitable as well.

The production team had also hired crowd extras to don ancient Han Chinese costumes to walk around, and theyd even prepared costumes for the original vendors here.

The environment was just perfect for it.

Shi Xiaoya was sizing up Han Zhuoling.

She felt that if he changed into an ancient traditional costume, he would definitely still look so handsome and tall.

Han Zhuoling laughed helplessly.

“What ideas do you have now”

Shi Xiaoya was about to say something when she saw Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou come over from the corner of her eye.

Shi Xiaoya very alertly called out, “Brother Cao, Brother Zhang.”

“Aiyo, Xiaoya, you dont need to be so cautious.” Cao Jingcheng stretched out his hand.

“See, I dont have anything in my hands.

Just now, Xiangyous only poison gun had also been used.

Both of us dont have any weapons.”

Shi Xiaoya saw that both of them were really empty-handed, but she did not really let down her guard just because of that.

But thinking about it another way, since Han Zhuoling did not care about winning or losing, she would not care about it either.

Cao Jingcheng then laughed out loud as he came over and patted Han Zhuolings shoulder in a friendly manner.

“Young Master Ling—”

Before he could finish talking, the announcement sounded outside, “Cao Jingcheng, eliminated!”

“What the—” Before he could say the word “f*ck,” Cao Jingcheng remembered that they were filming a show.

He could not cuss, so changed the word and said, “Heck!”

“No, wait…” Cao Jingcheng felt so wronged.

He said to the director, “Doesnt my glove item eliminate anyone I pat Why did I end up being eliminated in the end”

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