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Chapter 1821: Please Continue with Your Performance

Han Zhuolings explanation made quite a lot of sense.

There was no advantage for him when it was four versus one.

He might as well hand over the item, lest he wasted his energy and still not manage to keep the item with him.

And just like what Han Zhuoling said, he just came to help boost the popularity of the show.

He did not need to rely on the show to boost his own popularity, and he was not that interested in becoming popular and famous.

Even though he was already very famous now.

He did not even have a minimum number of episodes to attend.

In this way, Han Zhuoling really did not have any reason to hold on to his item at all costs.

Shi Xiaoya then saw Han Zhuoling take out the fake item hed showed her earlier on from his waist bag.

It was a small porcelain pill bottle.

There was a hawthorn pill in it.

Han Zhuoling passed this over to Cao Jingcheng.

“This is a detoxification pill.

Im guessing that wed probably get poisoned during the mission.

As for how, there are many possibilities.

Maybe one of the items in the clues can be used to poison us.

Basically, there are many possibilities.”

“And with this pill, you can make sure that the poison in your body is successfully cured after you are poisoned.

So its as good as reviving you from the dead and giving you one more life,” Han Zhuoling said.

The director kept a smile on her face at the side.

Very good, Young Master Ling, please keep up your performance.

He acted so well that she almost believed him.

It was just perfect that Han Zhuolings words matched what Lu Dongliu had said earlier on.

Lu Dongliu said before that the item in Han Zhuolings hand can be used to revive someone from the dead.

Han Zhuolings words quite nicely matched with what Lu Dongliu said earlier.

In this short period of time, Han Zhuoling had already thought of such an adequate reason and found such a logical fake item to substitute with the real one.

The director had a premonition that Han Zhuoling might really win again today.

She looked at the other four people.

They had been completely hoodwinked by Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling then said, “But theres only one pill, so it can only cure the poison once.

If you get poisoned again later on, then you will really be eliminated.”

“Alright.” Cao Jingcheng took the porcelain bottle, took out the hawthorn pill in it, and squashed it right away before throwing it into the trash bin.

“In this way, there would be no such prize item anymore.

We will all start anew,” Cao Jingcheng said.

Everyone agreed.

“We came here to find Lu Bans successor.

You guys found the clue already” Han Zhuoling asked.


When we came in, there was already no one here,” Cheng He said as he shook his head.

“Looks like we need to start searching for it all over again.”

Seeing that Han Zhuoling had not left, and afraid that there was some clue that they missed here, they all stayed behind as well.

Han Zhuoling walked once around the shop quietly as he checked out the surroundings.

The shop was not big, and it took a few sweeps to see everything inside of it.

“Looks like there are no clues here.

Lets go somewhere else to look for it,” Han Zhuoling said.

He brought Shi Xiaoya to leave with him.


Then lets spread out and go off too,” Cao Jingcheng said.

The other people all went off to find the clues.

Yet after a few minutes, each of the four people realized that the others, just like themselves, were all hiding in the surroundings of the shop and did not move.

Everybody: “…”

Cao Jingcheng said, “What are you guys doing”

Cheng He scratched his head and said very honestly, “I suspect Young Master Ling might have noticed some clue, but was not able to say it because we were all around, so we decided to hide here secretly and see if he will come back.”

“Me too…” Zhang Xiangyou said.

“What a coincidence eh…” Liu Chuanhui said and laughed awkwardly.

“Looks like he wont be coming back.

We just dont know if he really could not tell us or if he already found the clue.”

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