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Chapter 1800: Weve Got Quite a Lot of Scores to Settle Between Us

Han Zhuoling gave a low chuckle.

“Its rare that youre actually smart enough to pretend you didnt hear.”

She did not need to open the door, lest she offended the person when they saw each other.

“Since when am I so stupid” Shi Xiaoya retorted.

“But its good to be cautious,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Just to be prepared.

Even if you trust that person, you still have to be more alert.”


“Now that you know its me, open the door,” Han Zhuoling continued.

Shi Xiaoya rolled her eyes and said, “Young Master Ling, you have double standards! You said it yourself just now.

Even if that person is trustworthy, I should also be more alert.

You asked me to open the door for you right after you said that”

Han Zhuoling laughed in exasperation.

“Am I the same”

This girl, she was even using his words to talk back to him.

“Quick, open the door for me, or else I will keep standing outside the door to wait.

Who knows, someone might just see me,” Han Zhuoling said, then ended the call.

“Hello Young Master Ling Young Master Ling” There was no more response no matter how Shi Xiaoya called.

The doorbell stopped ringing as well, but Shi Xiaoya knew that Han Zhuoling was standing outside and waiting.

She could only go and open the door, not really daring to leave him standing outside.

“Young Master Ling—” The moment Shi Xiaoya opened the door, she did not even have time to look at him properly before Han Zhuoling swiftly came in and closed the door behind him.

Shi Xiaoya stared at him in shock.

Seeing him so close to her finally made her nervous.

“Young Master Ling, you—”

“I wanted to settle the scores we havent settled during the day with you.

I didnt expect to hear you say that you have nothing to do with me at the door just now.

From the looks of it, weve got quite a lot of scores to settle between us now.” Han Zhuoling was pressing her against the door and spoke as he lowered his head.

“What… what scores” Shi Xiaoya was dazed by Han Zhuolings words.

What scores had they not settled during the day

She did not offend him in the day, right

Could it be the scores for him helping her complete the missions

And he… he heard her talking on the phone

She did not expect this rooms soundproofing to be so poor.

Saying that she had nothing to do with him.

What… whats wrong with that

Seeing that she looked like she still did not understand, Han Zhuoling chuckled and said in a pressuring tone, “Then we will settle it one by one.”

Shi Xiaoya gaped, feeling speechless.

“In the escape room, what did you call me when you were scared” Han Zhuoling asked.

So its this.

Shi Xiaoyas eyeballs rolled upwards as she recalled.

Hed already said that at the exit earlier on.

After such a long time, she thought he had forgotten about it.

She did not think that he would still remember it.

“I already said, its because I was too nervous.

How would I care about the name issue Of course I just called you by your full name.” She would not dare to call him that even if he let her do it.

“Then who is the person who also called me that when she was hugging me” Han Zhuoling suddenly leaned in, his toes only around an inch away from touching Shi Xiaoyas toes.

Both of them were wearing the disposable slippers that the hotel provided, just that the slippers covered the toes.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head, feeling regretful that he could not see Shi Xiaoyas cute pink toes.

“Its a total of only two times!” Shi Xiaoya could not believe it and asked, “Young Master Ling, you want to settle scores with me just because of that I definitely wont be so rude next time.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

What was this!

He laughed in anger.

“Is that what I meant Dont act dumb with me!” Han Zhuoling was angry and lifted his hand to poke Shi Xiaoyas forehead.

Yet he could not bear to hurt her.

So he was really very gentle and just lightly touched her.

It was even more gentle than a touch.

Shi Xiaoyas face was blushing, and she heard Han Zhuoling say, “Hearing you call me that sounded very intimate.

‘Young Master Ling is not good, it sounds too distant.

Other people can call me that, but you cant.

You have to be different from other people.”

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