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Chapter 1798: Romance Exposed

Suddenly, her forehead was gently knocked by someone.

“Aiya!” Shi Xiaoya exclaimed in shock.

It was not painful, she just did not expect to be flicked by someone.

She rubbed the spot where she got hit and turned to see Han Zhuoling staring at her.

His eyes were filled with gentleness and amusement, and she could see her reflection in his eyes.

“What are you thinking about that youre not even eating”

“Nothing,” Shi Xiaoya said, lowering her voice.

Han Zhuoling looked at her and did not say anything more.

The two of them still did not know that the Internet was now in chaos.

With the entry of Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou, Cheng Hes live-stream this time was super popular.

And Cheng Hes live-streams always had someone recording it, so Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas voices were also recorded.

Alas, as it was from Cheng Hes point-of-view, they were not able to capture the scene where the two characters were together.

But this did not stop someone from extracting Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas conversations from the recording and reorganize them into a separate video to upload online.

The viewership number for the live-stream this time was very high to begin with, so there were even more people who had personally heard Han Zhuoling indulging Shi Xiaoya the whole time.

Each of them reshared the posts excitedly online, and this alerted those Big-V (big verified) entertainment accounts.

After the Big-V entertainment accounts reshared the posts, even the netizens who did not know about it previously now knew as well.

The couple pairing between Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had caused a huge commotion to begin with, and it was precisely because of this background that.

When those entertainment accounts saw that they could use this to attract readers and viewers, they all reshared or wrote articles on it.

[Han Zhuolings Romance Exposed]

[Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya Dating While Playing PUBG]

[Alleged girlfriend of Han Zhuoling.

Who is Shi Xiaoya]

There were people who started to give detailed introductions about Shi Xiaoya.

Although they did not know her family background, they dug out the videos shed filmed before, as well as the pictures of the makeup she did for other people, so they knew she was a renowned makeup artist.

And all these, Shi Xiaoya still did not know.

After a tiring day, everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

Shi Xiaoya had just washed up when she received a call from Shi Nancang.

“Brother, youre back home” Shi Xiaoya asked the moment she picked up.

“No, Im still at S City.” Shi Nancang went there for a business trip.

“I just ended a business social gathering and was about to check if you updated Weibo, but I ended up seeing the news about you and Han Zhuoling.”

“What” Shi Xiaoyas heart jumped up to her throat in nervousness.

“Me and Han Zhuoling What is it about”

“Are you still acting dumb with me The news is all over the Internet, saying that both of you are together.” Shi Nancang asked, “Is it true or not”

“Why would such a news spread online”

“Isnt it because you and Han Zhuoling played PUBG together today and the netizens recorded your conversations down” Shi Nancang said.

“I also think that Han Zhuoling is really nice to you.”

“Really” Shi Xiaoya laughed awkwardly.

“Its probably exaggerated by someone.

When youre playing games, dont you take care of girls too”

“I only played it before when I was in school.

It has been a long time since I last played it.

How would I have the time and mind to do that” Shi Nancang rolled his eyes and said, “Han Zhuoling is even less the kind of person to play games.”

“Isnt that because theres an e-sports teenage boy as one of the guests for our recording of the show today Hes also the world champion.

We just let him lead us to play two rounds.

Han Zhuoling really never played before, but he played well in the second round so he was taking care of me quite a lot.”

“Really” Shi Nancang expressed his doubt and said, “Just because of that, he, Han Zhuoling, would play games together with you guys”

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