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Chapter 1789: Congratulations to You Both for Joining the Small Dog Food Party

What a shame.

She wanted to talk to Han Zhuoling in private during the course of filming, but now it seemed like she could not either.

Han Zhuoling ordered the dishes.

Shi Xiaoya felt that if they sat here eating but let the videographer brothers stare at them eat, it would really not be nice, so she suggested, “Then why dont you put your cameras on a stand and just position it well for the filming Then you all can eat first.”

The two videographer brothers were really hungry, so they accepted Shi Xiaoyas suggestion.

They found a suitable spot for filming and positioned the cameras properly.

The two follow PDs also went to sit with the videographer brothers at another table.

Although only Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were left on that table, as there were still cameras around, they could not really relax and talk about anything they wanted to.

The flavors here were also on the spicier side and noodles were the more common dishes.

Although it was not as nice as the one where both of them ate along the local food street previously, it was still considered passable, just that the quality-price ratio was not very high.

After all, this ancient city was targeted at tourists, so the food tasted average and was on the pricier side.

However, it was much better than in their previous shoots.

At least now, they had piping hot meals to eat.

Both of them happened to sit near the windows.

Shi Xiaoya looked out of the window and saw that on the streets outside, Cao Jingcheng and Cheng He were walking over together.

There were quite a lot of tourists around, and they almost went crazy when they saw Cao Jingcheng.

They kept taking photos, and all surrounded both sides of the path and stopped walking away.

The security officers escorted the two beside them and made space for both of them to be filmed.

When Shi Xiaoya saw them, she opened the windows and shouted to them outside, “Brother Cao, Xiao He!”

Cao Jingcheng and Cheng He turned their heads at the same time.

When they saw her, Cheng He called out in a silly sweet manner, “Sister Xiaoya!”

Cao Jingcheng hurried over with Cheng He and sat together with them.

As Han Zhuoling was around, Cheng Hes behavior was more restrained.

Cao Jingcheng was very relaxed and said, “You guys have even ordered dishes already.

You passed the levels really fast.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “Its all thanks to Young Master Ling.”

“Im also surprised,” Cao Jingcheng said.

“We were still having a hard time trying our best at the Gate to Heaven, yet we suddenly saw Young Master Ling come over.

I thought to myself, thats weird, how can he possibly come so late after us But even though he came later than us, he passed the levels even faster than us.”

Cao Jingcheng then told Shi Xiaoya about the mission at the Gate to Heaven.

“Each of us failed at either one of the levels and had to start all over again.

He was the only one who managed to pass all the levels in one shot after going there.

Hes not human at all.” Cao Jingcheng still felt amazed even when he recalled it now.

“You will know when you see the show air later on.

With him around, theres no game feel at all!”

“This was like meeting Xiao Cheng as an opponent in PUBG.

You will just be eliminated on the spot,” Cao Jingcheng said.

Shi Xiaoya laughed at his description.

Who knew Han Zhuoling would suddenly say leisurely at this moment, “She was waiting for me at the exit.

I was afraid that she would wait too long.”

Cao Jingcheng: “…”

Cheng He: “…”

He started abusing them single dogs once he became unhappy at their words

The directors and videographer brothers signaled that they had already been abused throughout the whole journey.

This was nothing.


Congratulations to you both for joining the small dog food[1] party.

Cao Jingcheng could not help but glance at Shi Xiaoya, and then at Han Zhuoling.

Previously in the hotel, hed already felt that there seemed to be something between the two of them.

Now that he looked, it could not be any more obvious.

They were still filming a show now, yet Han Zhuoling did not decide to hide at all.

Were the two of them already together

Cao Jingcheng then turned to the director at the side.

Although they were seated at different tables, the space in the small restaurant was limited so the space between the tables was very close, to the extent that they could even turn and whisper into each others ears across tables.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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