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Chapter 1784: Whos Intelligence Are You Looking Down On

“So maybe for the other levels, it might be different tasks, or it might be related to physical fitness, or it might be an intellectual test,” Han Zhuoling said.

The director finally could not help it and said, “Young Master Ling, let me say it first.

Our production team did not reveal the questions to you beforehand!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He turned to look at the director.

“Im afraid if post-production doesnt edit well and your words really come out, the audience might really think we revealed the questions to you,” the director explained.

“Do I need you guys to reveal the questions to me for this” Han Zhuoling tsked at him and said, “Whos intelligence are you looking down on”

Director: “…”

Okay, okay, you are the smartest.

Finally, both of them reached the second room.

The gatekeeper said, “Congratulations for passing the Gate to Earth just now.

Now, as long as you pass this room, you can proceed straight to the exit from here.”

“The question for the second room is with me right here.” The gatekeeper, who was in a modern getup, said, “After you both enter the room, choose one item that does not belong to the room.

Take it and pass it to the gatekeeper at the exit.

If your choice is correct, you can pass.

If your choice is wrong, you have to return to the fork just now, go to the Gate to Heaven, and try to pass the levels again.”

If they failed, they had to start all over again.

Hearing that sounded like a very depressing thing.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He asked the gatekeeper, “There is only one item.

Then if theres two of us, can we both pass the level at the same time”


Each person must choose one item,” the gatekeeper said.

“The person who makes the wrong choice will return and attempt the levels all over again.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

Shi Xiaoya stared in shock at Han Zhuoling.

Then what was he planning to do

“Lets go in,” Han Zhuoling said to Shi Xiaoya.

Both of them went in, and Shi Xiaoya said, “Anyway, I will definitely lose.

I will go back and choose the Gate to Heaven.”

“You dare to go back by yourself” Han Zhuoling asked her.

“It should be fine.

Im a little used to the environment here now.

And we are filming, so I just need to tell myself that everything is fake.

I should be fine,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Even if you reach the Gate to Heaven, you might not be able to pass the round.” Han Zhuolings words pierced her heart like an accurate dart.

“…” Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that he did not need to be so blunt.

She said, “Then they can disqualify me.

Its my standards and skills that are not good enough.”

Han Zhuoling shook his head.

“No need.”

He scanned the surroundings.

The table and shelves were strewn with porcelain items and various other ornaments.

There were even paintings hung on the walls.

But with one glance, Han Zhuoling could tell that they were all imitations.

They naturally could not place real items in such an environment for them to film the show.

Han Zhuoling went to take down a painting and passed it to Shi Xiaoya.

“You take this.”

He then casually took another painting for himself.

“You… Youre going to give me the correct answer” Seeing Han Zhuolings actions, what was there for Shi Xiaoya not to understand

Furthermore, this man definitely would not take the right answer for himself and leave her alone either.

“From the porcelain items to the paintings and calligraphy, everything here originated from a time after the Tang Dynasty.

Only the painting on your hand originated from the Han Dynasty,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Lets go out.

You show this to the gatekeeper, Ill go back to the Gate to Heaven to pass the levels.”

“No!” Shi Xiaoya immediately said.

“This is an answer you found based on your abilities.

You cant just give it to me.

Im the one whos not good enough, so I can just be disqualified.

If you hadnt walked with me, you would have passed the levels long ago.

How can I make you waste time to go back and pass the levels again just because of me”

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