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Chapter 1780: I Am the First Person You Thought of

This was indeed made by their production crew, but the ones in charge were the costume, makeup, and props teams.

He did not know that they actually made it look so real.

Let alone Shi Xiaoya, who was a young lady, even an old man like him also shuddered when he saw it.

At this moment, she did not know from which direction came the sound, “Tap! Tap! Tap!”

The pace was very slow but very consistent as well.

It seemed to come from the other side of the wall, yet it also seemed to come from the top of their heads.

“AH!” Shi Xiaoya screamed.

“Is your production crew so sadistic You actually made it so scary!”

Director: “…”

He really wanted to scream now too.

The director quickly leaned towards the videographer brother, like a cute and helpless bird resting against his elbow.

Yet he realized that the videographer brothers hand was also shaking.

“Di… Di-Di-Director…” Shi Xiaoya sounded like she was going to cry.

“You… Can you stand in front, and lead the way”

Director: “…”

He didnt dare to either!

But he couldnt say it!

If he said it, he would be looked down on by people!

The director wanted to walk in front but realized that his legs were so weak that he could not move.

The “tap, tap” sound seemed to be getting closer.

Shi Xiaoya, the director, and the videographer brother all shouted at the same time.

“Han Zhuoling!” Shi Xiaoya screamed.

In that moment, the first person she thought of in her mind was not her family, not her parents, not her siblings, not all the people whom she would always have thought of at the first instance in the past, but it was actually Han Zhuoling.

She did not know if Han Zhuoling had also been sent here, but shed heard a mans scream just now.

Shi Xiaoya thought that probably all the guests had been sent here, just that they entered through different entrances.

“Xiaoya!” Shi Xiaoya was suddenly pulled into a strong and firm embrace.

It was rock solid, yet it made her feel exceptionally assured and secure.

The familiar fresh scent of green grass and mint wafted through her nose at the same time.

In this suffocating, dark tunnel, it smelled unusually fresh, like the rare glimmer of light in the darkness.

“Im right here.” Han Zhuoling comforted Shi Xiaoya and hugged her without letting go.

She felt the warmth of his palms as they gently patted her back.

“Its fine, its fine.

I came over.”

Shi Xiaoya was trembling in his arms, both her hands clutching his shirt on his chest.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head and kissed the top of her head briefly, but Shi Xiaoya was way too nervous so she actually did not feel it.

“Han Zhuoling…” Shi Xiaoya said in a weak voice.

A faint laughter came out from Han Zhuolings throat.

“Im very happy—you stopped calling me Young Master Ling.

Im also very happy that when you are scared, the first person you think of is me.”

His voice was warm and yet as calming as the spring breeze, slowly seeping into Shi Xiaoyas ears.

Shi Xiaoya gradually calmed down.

When she heard his words, the tips of her ears reddened, and the blush spread down to her neck.

“I…” Shi Xiaoya looked up and happened to look right into his eyes.

“Are you feeling better” Han Zhuoling asked in a gentle voice.

He was still hugging her and had yet to let go.

The director and the videographer brother watched at the side, thinking to themselves that they also wanted to find someone to hug.

Speaking of it, they were surprised as well.

Ever since Han Zhuoling came, theyd also stopped feeling scared and felt at ease.

As if no matter what happened, they had a strong man like Han Zhuoling to stand in front of them and shield them from it, so they would not need to worry about anything.

“Much… much better,” Shi Xiaoya said, realizing that she was still hugging him and quickly letting go.

Han Zhuoling also let go.

They were still filming after all.

If they were not filming, he definitely would not have let go.

“Did you come here by coincidence, or did you hear my voice, or…” Did he come to find her deliberately

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