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Chapter 1779: A Red Shadow

Shi Xiaoya looked up, down, left, and right in a full circle, and indeed, she made a discovery.

When she turned back, she noticed that there was a small waist bag placed at the corner of the wall beside the door.

As it was a black waist bag, and the light here was very dim, she did not notice it immediately.

Shi Xiaoya quickly went to pick it up and noticed that there was a torchlight in it, as well as a worn-out notebook and a pen.

Shi Xiaoya hung the waist bag on her waist and took out the torchlight to turn it on.

She held the torchlight in her mouth to free her hands to take the notebook and that pen.

She tested the pen on a blank space in the notebook.

The pen was working, so she then put away the pen properly.

She opened the notebook.

Written on it were the words: The entrance has already been sealed.

If I cant find an exit, I will be trapped here forever.

I believe the exit here can lead to the ancient castle.

Shi Xiaoya read it out clearly, knowing that when filming a show, she should not keep her thoughts to herself.

She had to analyze it, so she said, “Your production teams props are really exquisite.”

Director: “…”

After following Han Zhuoling for so long, Shi Xiaoya also became the kind of person who made people feel OTL[1] when she spoke.

The storyline set by the production team was clearly that of a notebook left by someone who had been trapped here previously.

Couldnt she just follow the storyline

“This notebook says that the entrance has already been sealed.

Of course, I definitely cant go out from the entrance.

So I must follow this tunnel and walk inwards.

The exit that I find in the end will be the one that leads to the castle.

Its either there are several exits, among which I have to select the right one, or that exit would be very difficult to reach.”

As Shi Xiaoya said that, she walked further in.

There was a torchlight provided in the waist bag, which was useful for lighting up the path ahead.

She shone the torchlight on the four walls around her to see if there were any hidden clues.

In the end, she did not find anything.

As she walked, a turn appeared ahead of her.

The light from Shi Xiaoyas torchlight had just shone over when, suddenly, a red shadow flashed across the beam of light.

When she glanced over just now, it seemed like a human figure.

Shi Xiaoya shuddered and gasped subconsciously.

“You guys… you guys even found someone to act as ghosts” Shi Xiaoya stuttered.

Even if there was a videographer following her, she still felt scared.

But no one answered her.

The director and videographer brother seemed to be non-existent, as if they could not hear her words.

In such an environment, Shi Xiaoya felt scared until her legs turned stiff.

She did not even dare to shine the torchlight in that direction.

She did not dare to move an inch, and she did not dare to walk towards that direction anymore.

But she could not help but think, That red shirt… what if it walks here…

Shi Xiaoya really felt so scared that she was about to cry.

She really wanted to believe that the production crew had made up all these things.

But it was just like when you went to a haunted house attraction or visited that famous haunted hospital attraction in Japan…

You clearly know its fake, and they were all acted by people.

Yet even if you went with friends and had friends accompanying you, in that kind of extreme, horrifying environment, you would still feel uncontrollably scared.

Let alone now when there were only three of them here.

Shi Xiaoya was scared now but did not dare to close her eyes either.

Her hand that was holding the torchlight swayed and suddenly shone on a bloody palm print on the upper end of the wall opposite them.

“Ah!” Shi Xiaoya finally could not stand it and screamed really loudly.

The moment she screamed, another piercing scream came out from somewhere else.

It was a mans voice.

But it was far away, and because of the echo, Shi Xiaoya could not tell who it was.

Even the director who was following her was so scared that his face turned pale.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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