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Chapter 1769: Know Her Well Enough

“As a famous makeup artist, Shi Xiaoya meets the criteria for the production crews guest invitations.

She is considered one of the best in her line.

And she has quite a lot fans as well.

She has more than two million fans on Weibo now, and thats not including her various video channels and international fans on various major overseas social media platforms.

Shi Xiaoya also has a lot of fans on her international social media account.

From what I know, her international account on Y Platform is one of the top-ranking accounts as well.”

“Some manufacturers of makeup products that have yet to enter the domestic market look for her to promote their products overseas,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Just based on the extent of her popularity, shes actually even more popular than the celebrities in the country.”

Lu Dongliu thought to himself, “First Young Master Han really knows Shi Xiaoya very well.”

“Sounds good.” Lu Dongliu nodded.

“Shi Xiaoya it is, then.”

Anyway, since Han Zhuoling had already decided not to let Jiang Yuhan participate, then the only person they could look for would be Shi Xiaoya.

The good thing was that this episode had Han Zhuoling, who did not have many scenes in the first episode but unexpectedly exploded in popularity, as well as the internationally-renowned Cao Jingcheng.

There were also Liu Chuanhui and Zhang Xiangyou, who would be able to reach various age groups of fans.

Even if Shi Xiaoyas scenes were not very interesting, it would not be much of a problem.

With the others carrying the show, this would be enough.

Anyway, Jiang Yuhan had many fans but also many negative incidents, so she was considered a double-edged sword.

Furthermore, Lu Dongliu felt that Shi Xiaoya might actually really be more suitable than Jiang Yuhan.

They heard of how fans on Weibo shipped Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling as a couple.

It happened to be very suitable for the plan tomorrow.

“I wonder if Shi Xiaoya is asleep already.” Chi Xingrui checked the time.

“We have to let her know now, or else it would be too late tomorrow morning.”

Lu Dongliu suddenly clapped his hands and said, “No need, I have an idea.”

As it concerns Shi Xiaoya, Lu Dongliu told Han Zhuoling about it first.

“Young Master Ling, do you think this works” Lu Dongliu asked.

“It can.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

This kind of effect was even better. Survivor was ultimately a variety show.

They needed a variety-show effect to attract the audience.

It was quite harmless, and it would not affect Shi Xiaoya in any way, so Han Zhuoling did not prevent him from doing it.

Hence, Lu Dongliu quickly went with Chi Xingrui to wake the remaining directors and planners up from their sleep, then held a meeting through the night.

Lu Dongliu did not care that it was the middle of the night and directly called Chief Hu.

He told him about the incident tonight, lest that leader of the broadcasting station became unhappy if he kicked Jiang Yuhan out of the show.

“Ridiculous!” Chief Hu said angrily.

“I got it.

Dont worry, Ill let him know.

He wont blame it on you.

Someone like Jiang Yuhan, dont let her participate in any of our stations shows anymore.

Who knows when she will stir up trouble.”

“Dont even talk about our station.

Young Master Lings intention is that hes not going to continue letting her stay on in the entertainment industry.

No matter what show it is and from where in future, or if its a film or television series, she will not have a part in any of them,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Quick, go to sleep.

Really sorry about this, having to wake you up in the middle of the night.”


When it was 5 AM in the morning, Shi Xiaoya had been awoken by the hotels morning-call service.

“Why is it so early” Guo Yujie struggled to get up.

“I wonder what the production team is up to this episode.”

Shi Xiaoya also struggled to get up.

Guo Yujie said, “The results of the Survivor show is really good, but its also really torturous for us.

Its even more tiring for us than for the cast.”

She yawned and said, “Xiaoya, lets try to avoid taking on makeup service jobs for variety shows next time.”

“Its just this show thats exceptionally tiring.” Shi Xiaoya went to quickly wash her face, making her feel much more awake.

“The staff on the production crew have it even harder than us.

They often have to hold meetings throughout the night.”

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